Can he handle a woman with a baby after all he has lost?

Kurt Gilmore, a police detective, lost his wife and baby daughter in a horrendous accident. As a result, he can’t stand to be in the same room with a baby, and he hasn’t dated at all.

Ava LaValley’s best friend has just passed away, leaving her to care for her infant daughter. When she seeks help in finding out what happened to her friend, she finds herself speaking with Lt. Gilmore.

The two, even though attracted to each other, must both work through their demons. She is getting over being with an abusive Dom, along with adjusting to sudden motherhood. He must learn to accept the baby if he wants a relationship with Ava.

Will they be able to put their pasts behind them and make a home for the baby in Ava’s care?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains a theme of power exchange.

Available August 8th