Available April 12th

Natasha Ochenko wanted to be perfect—needed to be perfect—for her family, for her reputation as the brightest star the ballet world had ever seen. And she was perfect, flawless in every way as the queen of ballet, until, one day, her quest for perfection crushed her, and in one dramatic night, Natasha fled the spotlight. Shell shocked at her failure, she returned home to the safety of her family’s small dance school and resolved to spend her days quietly teaching.

That is, until he walks in the door of the school. Silas. The man with a physique so tantalizing and a face so beautiful, it forces Natasha’s world into focus. His niece is a student of hers, and although Natasha feels pulled to him, she avoids him for fear of once more losing control. Then, one night changes everything between them, when Natasha is attacked and none other than Silas comes to her rescue.

The couple embark on a path of self-discovery toward a relationship rooted in dominance and submission. Silas is a Daddy Dom and guides Natasha into her most important role yet, that of his baby girl.

Publisher’s note: This age-play romance has a theme of power exchange. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.