Available May 11th

Begin as you intend to end. That was my motto. 
It was how I had always lived my life. 
From the moment my roommate Mitch and I arrived back at his childhood home on the Second Chance Ranch, things became clear. 
He wanted April. I wanted them both, and I always get what I want. 
But something is different now. It feels like everything is on the line, and I’m terrified to crash and burn. 
Getting what I want isn’t going to be so easy this time around. Mitch has to finally come to terms with the fact that he’s in love with me, and while he’s doing that, we have to convince April to fall in love with both of us. We have to step up and prove that, despite all our faults and problems, we are worthy of that love. 
It’s a lot, but I begin how I intend to end. With Mitch beside me, April between us, and both of us as her Daddies. 
There are a lot of roadblocks along the way, but I’m determined to get my happy ending. And I always get what I want. 
Publisher’s Note: This book contains ménage scenes and power exchange.