Amanda moves in to her new luxury home in the sleepy village of Peachum, England determined to start a new life as an independent woman after her divorce. But the handsome identical male twins Roman and Julian Price living across the street have other ideas for her. When an alien killer begins stalking and kidnapping women in the village, Amanda finds herself the next primary target.

Roman and Julian put a stop to Amanda’s new independent life and appoint themselves her protectors. Reluctant to accept being robustly “taken in hand” by the two men for the sake of her safety, she finds herself over the knee of each brother in turn receiving a series of sound bare bottom spankings and an intimate medical examination. Both men regress their beautiful charge to being a child until she accepts their control and realises she is dependent upon their fierce protection.

To Amanda’s surprise, she begins to fall in love with her two neighbours who are able to bond with her psychically as well as physically. She is ready to submit to their mastery and loving discipline. Amanda discovers why both brothers are so overprotective when she is led into their dark dangerous world. Battling warrior knights wielding ancient swords from their home planet of Trian who are intent on claiming Amanda as their own whether she wishes it or not , make both men determined to force her submission. But each brother also wants to possess her for his own and is ready to kill each other for the privilege as the rites of their hybrid alien race demand.

Can she convince them she needs them both in her life?

Publisher’s Note: Tameable: Warrior Masters by Serena Douglas is an erotic sci-fi adventure, intended for adults only. It features erotic spanking and BDSM elements as well as age- and medical- play in a ménage setting. Tameable was originally released as “Double Trouble” by Madeline Croft. Tameable has been extensively re-written and altered from the original version.

Available April 22nd