Available March 23rd


It is 1945, and the war is finally over. Millions of lives have been changed and now have to be rebuilt. Patrick O’Shay is a returning soldier with a leftover from the war still hanging over his head. He wants to put his life back together, but he is not sure how. Everything he has ever known is gone. Except when he returns home, his reality is a lot different than he expected. His first meeting with a feisty, beautiful landlady lands both of them rolling on the floor. It is a shock, but it is also a challenge he accepts.

Ivy Yeager is through with men. They are nothing but trouble and aggravation. She is not capable of telling the difference between the good and the worthless, and she has had enough of useless men in her life. She is not going to take a chance again! The trouble starts though when she finds herself attracted to a returning soldier who holds her livelihood in the palm of his hand.

Can two individuals with heartbreak and distrust begin to rebuild their lives together? Can they take a chance in a world that is changing daily?