Available June 22nd

After a brief stint in the Colonies, Cairistine Donohue returns to England but has no work, leaving her with little coin and no prospects. Returning to the Colonies is not an option. Faced with a life full of hard choices or having to starve, she gratefully accepts the position of companion to Lady Ashton.

Cullen Black O’Leary dominates the seas, his business, and the lassies. Returning to England to survey his new estate, he seeks out his escort, Cairistine Donohue. He finds her trying to escape him, with her red hair flowing and her sweet sassy mouth telling him off. She is as elegant as any aristocrat, sweet and naughty as a beloved child, and ferocious as a tiger. He has to take her as his own.

But Cairis’s dark secrets are revealed, threatening to ruin her and destroy their hope for a future. Can she do what her Black Laird requires to secure their future – his way?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange.