Bree Phillips has spent her life trying to be something she’s not. As a Dallas debutant, Bree has enjoyed a life of high society and ease, yet she feels there must be something more to living. Bree takes a trip to one of her father’s resorts in Denver, and finds she is tired of everything. The socialite lifestyle and her father’s increasing demands on her time. After wandering away from a hotel excursion, Bree finds herself at the mercy of nature when a handsome mountain man decides to save her.

Newt Meyers has had a career as a Park Ranger and Game Warden and knows how to live off the land. When he receives an inheritance, he decides to retire and live off the grid in the Colorado Rockies. He likes living alone, prefers it actually. So when he rescues an obviously ill-prepared hiker, his plan is to return her to where she belongs.

But as he spends more time with her, he discovers there is more to the young woman than he originally thought. He offers to teach her how to live in nature and feelings grow between them. When her father comes to pick her up and take her back to Dallas, will Bree go back with him? Or decide to live off the grid with him?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of danger, adventure, sensual scenes, and power exchange.

Available October 15th