Tori Lambert has an active life, both online and off. She is happy but feels her life is missing something. Her desires are not the same as her friends’ – but that doesn’t make them wrong, either. She meets a man online in one of her chat groups. He seems to be what she is looking for in a partner. Does she dare take the risk and meet him face to face?

Joseph Matthews moved back to Macintyre to care for his ill father. He’s not actively looking for a new relationship due to his family and work commitments. But sometimes, when you aren’t looking, the perfect person appears.

Tori never dreamed that she’d meet the Sir of her dreams, or that he is, literally, the man next door.

Joseph had been searching, but he didn’t know for what… until he meets Tori. He has so much to teach his little kitten, and she laps it all up.

This is book three in the Hometown Love series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

Available December 21st