Available May 11th

The Holiday House held a special place in Holly’s heart. It was where she’d
met her boyfriend Clint, and the two families had bonded over the Christmas
fiasco when the rental had been double-booked. Returning home had been
hard, continuing their blooming long distance relationship through daily
phone calls and weekend get-togethers. Now engaged and making wedding
plans, it was natural for those plans to include being married where it all
began – the Holiday House, with their extended family.

They announce their plans while the families are together for Easter.
During their visit, however, it becomes clear that something isn’t right
between her sister Merry and her husband Lance. The tension between them is
so thick, it’s almost tangible. Merry seems irritable and angry. Lance
seems frustrated and confused. They are still having problems as they plan
to get together again for Memorial Day, which causes a dilemma for Holly.
Should she tell them about domestic discipline and how she believes it
could save their marriage? While she’s debating, another problem erupts,
which could be devastating. With different people warning her about
different things, Merry needs help, but can Lance provide the help she

Alert: Warning Merry is the second book in the Holiday House series, but
can easily be read as a stand alone book. It is a sweet romance that
contains elements of domestic discipline, including the spanking of adult
women. If this offends you, please do not purchase this book.