Warrington’s Way

by Michelle Peters

Available June 23rd


Alison Roberts is the general manager of the Broadstone Hotel, the hotel her family owns and the business she runs for her father. At least for a little while longer, anyway. The hotel is up for sale, a move initiated by her father, and one she does not support. Matt Warrington, the prospective buyer, is in town for the first time, meeting with Alison and her father to finalize the deal.

Matt Warrington already owns twelve independent luxury hotels – the Broadstone will make it thirteen. As far as he knows, the sale is a done deal. All he has to do is sign the paperwork, shake Bill Roberts’s hand, and the Broadstone is his. However, he hasn’t met Alison Roberts yet. He doesn’t know that she has a plan, a plan that includes her staying on as general manager once the sale is complete. A plan that would have Warrington not only owning the Broadstone, but Alison, as well.

Alison quickly comes to understand that being owned by Warrington is more than just a figure of speech, it’s a way of life. By chance circumstance, she discovers that he likes being the one in control in his relationships. Excited, scared and intrigued, Alison begins to explore his world of power and control, and her submissive side – with Warrington.  In the process, she begins to realize that life, and love, have so much more to offer, particularly once she has accepted Warrington’s Way.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains adult themes, including elements of power exchange.