Available March 29th

This exciting, contemporary collection contains three brand new novellas from Misty Malone.

The Contractor’s Specialist

Greg, a local contractor, is surprised to discover the new specialist hired by Springdale Lumber is a woman. He and Julie hit it off the moment they meet, and sparks fly as their relationship is taken outside of work. When Julie’s neighbor causes distress, Greg vows to protect her – even if doing so means a trip or two over his knee.

Feeling Better?

Brad and Sheila incorporate domestic discipline into their marriage. When Sheila and her best friend Leah find themselves in trouble, Leah’s husband, Collin, wants to offer his wife the same firm punishment Sheila endures from Brad when she acts out…

Job Responsibilities

The chemistry between Katie and Phil has grown impossible to ignore. But dating an employee is asking for trouble, especially one who is your subordinate. Can Phil address the situation and the drama unfolding in the office, or will he be forced to fire Katie?