She’s been looking for a Daddy Dom. They’ve been searching for a Little.

Raised by a con artist, and orphaned at fifteen, Andie has been stealing cars for the past five years. She’s never known any other life, but she often fantasizes about a world where she has strict parents to curtail her criminal behaviors.

David and Nina are happily married. In public they lead very conventional lives; he’s a veterinarian, and she’s a photographer. But in private, they are both Dominants who enjoy playing Daddy and Mommy to certain Littles.

When their worlds collide, Andie gets her first taste of what it might be like to have supportive parents, and soon the three form a platonic family. Upon learning Andie’s fantasies, David and Nina set out to make those dreams a reality with an entire weekend of age-play at their private cabin. After an emotional weekend of play, none of them want it to end.

Two years later Andie is accused of a crime she didn’t commit. David and Nina hire a private investigator; their friend and fellow Daddy Dom, Josh. Josh becomes Andie’s stand-in dominant while they work together to clear her name.

Will they succeed, or will Andie have to go to prison for something she didn’t do?

Publisher’s Note: Previously published as the ‘Blurred Lines’ trilogy, the books Cross the Line, Over the Line, and Walk the Line, have been combined into one. This sweet romance contains elements of age-play and themes of power exchange.

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“So would you tentatively say you’d like to be treated as a teenager?” Nina asked. “Or younger?”

“I feel fifteen, but I’d probably like to be treated like I’m somewhere between eight and ten.”

“Okay,” Nina said. “We can try that and see how it goes.”

“What about endearments?” David asked. “I tend to use them without thinking much about it. I might call you sweetheart, kiddo, princess, or something along those lines.”

Andie blushed again just thinking about it.

“I like to use them,” David said, “but if they make you uncomfortable, I’ll work hard to stop.”

“Well,” Nina said while putting a finger up, “I think that depends on your definition of uncomfortable. Let’s be clear. If it’s a good, squirmy kind of uncomfortable because you’ve always wanted that but never had it, then we should do it often. If it’s the bad kind of uncomfortable, where you cringe and want to run away, then we should try hard not to.”

After thinking it over for a few seconds, Andie said, “I don’t want to like it, because it seems silly, but… I do like it.”

“Excellent,” David said with a smile.

“What about implements?” Nina asked. “I assume you’ve only been spanked with the hand?”

Andie squirmed in her chair and nodded.

“How about your fantasies? Are there ever any implements?” Nina asked.

“Sometimes.” Andie choked out the word and then took a sip of her water.

“Which ones?” David asked.

Andie opened her mouth, but then closed it again. It was just too much.

David said, “How about Nina and I tell you our favorites, and then you can either nod yes if you think you might like to try it sometime, or shake your head no if it seems scary or you have no interest in trying it.

“My favorite implement is a paddle,” David continued. “I have several, but for play I have a small thin wooden paddle that I use a lot. It looks like an oversized hairbrush without the bristles.”

Andie nodded.

With a smile, David added, “That implement scares some people off, because it can be quite harsh, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. It can be playful if used lightly.”

Nina said, “My favorite implement is my hand, but I’ve also been known to use a wooden spoon or a spatula now and then when one of our littles acts up in the kitchen.”

Andie nodded again, gathered up her courage and said in a rush, “In my mind, it’s usually a hairbrush.”

Nina put a hand over Andie’s. “Thank you for telling us. The more open you can be about what you want, the better this weekend will turn out for all of us.”

“A hairbrush can pack quite a wallop, even when used lightly,” David said. “It will be interesting to see if the reality lives up to the fantasy for you.”