Eden Lerae is alone, independent, and content—until evil infiltrates the town she loves and has called her home for over twenty years. The easy way of life in Kepton and its strong sense of community is being destroyed. Her friends are under threat.

In her attempt to uncover the truth behind the campaign of lies and growing division, Eden falls foul of the law and finds herself face to face with the recently arrived, Correctional Therapist, Lewis Armstrong. Never having been intoxicatingly in love, never having been punished and never having explored her inner world, Eden is completely unprepared for the effect the dominant Lewis will have on her when he puts her across his knee for a hard judicial correction. Or how much she will want to submit to his private punishments, obey his demands, and call him Daddy.

This is book four in the Claimed by Daddy series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, action, adventure, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“Ah, baby,” he whispered, his mouth against her face, his hands exploring her hidden depths, his fingers dipping in and out. “You’re so wet.” He walked her back two steps to the bed. “Lie down now. Knees up. Feet here. Apart.” He patted the edge of the bed.

Eden obeyed. No man had ever looked at her as intimately as Lewis was now. It felt like a treasure, a gift she was giving him, something special and private between only them. She would do anything for him, give him anything. She wanted him to demand more of her. She couldn’t say what she wanted. She didn’t know. It didn’t matter. So long as he was asking it of her.

“Hold yourself open,” he growled. “Let me see you.”

Like a doll he was controlling with a remote, her fingers dipped into the slick, thickly oozing from her. She spread it up to help her separate her swollen folds. His tongue flicked out over his lips and his eyes narrowed as he gazed at the vivid pinkness she was showing him. His hand wrapped itself around his erection and he groaned with the exquisite pain of his throbbing arousal.

“Touch yourself. Show me what you do when you’re alone.”

Eden looked at him in surprise. A shudder rippled through her body as his eyes bored into hers. A rush of euphoria swept over her. This. This man. It had been a long wait, but at last he had arrived. The man who held her ticket to heaven.

Her head tipped back and her eyes closed. She dipped her finger back into her thick wetness and drew it up her slit. Her tongue wet her lips as she watched him through her eyelashes. She saw him flinch and his hand grip his erection more tightly as her finger reached her clitoris. The first touch spread sweet sensation through her body. Her head tipped back, and she moaned from the immediate thrill and the reminder of the divine ecstasy for which this small hard nub was the switch.

Her finger rubbed and stroked it—roughly, faster, intermittently dipping in and out of her wet pot to draw out more lubricant. Her eyes blinked open and saw him stroking himself as he watched her through narrowed eyes. In an erotic invitation, her hips arched up. His eyes flicked up to her face, his eyebrows arching a question. Her mouth drooped open in answer.

“My turn,” he said, dropping to his knees beside the bed. He buried his face into her wet, steamy flesh, and brutally nuzzled her hand out of the way. Gorging himself on her like a starving man at a banquet, he plunged his tongue in and out of her hot channel.

“You are delicious, my darling,” he said, raising his head slightly before falling back into the space between her thighs and rubbing her clitoris with the flat of his tongue. Writhing in sweet, desperate agony, her hands clutched her belly and made wild grabs for his hair as he pushed her to the brink, and then tipped her over the edge. Her body arching in a spasm of shocked delight as a wave of thick, sparkling pleasure ripped through.

Instead of satisfying her, it made her hungrier for him.