The immortals are facing a new challenge as the nightmares plaguing them turn into reality.

Iver and Isabelle have enjoyed a short respite from attacks by the demon forces and business responsibilities in New York. Now, safely ensconced in Balmorton Castle in the Scottish Highlands, they turn their focus to the birth of their babies.

A demon of massive proportions is coming. When Jax and Isabelle are captured, the immortals find themselves journeying on a path never traveled by demons or angels. Deep in the abyss, there is only one creature that exists, and they are about to meet.

Will the encounter be their end? Or will the creature older than time give them safe passage home and back to the ones they love?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy paranormal romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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I laid out a support bolster on the bed for Lil’s hips, fur-lined cuffs, and rope. Then on the side tables, I put out our play implements, six custom paddles for the night. All of them had today’s date engraved along the edges. In the middle of the first paddle, it said, naughty wife.

The implements were made in severity, with six levels of sensations to process. On my end table, were the first three, and on Lil’s side of the bed, was the second and most intense set. She wouldn’t know that, though, as I would have her pick random numbers between one and five. I would hold back on using number six for the end, as long as she chose it.

I based this on one of her fantasies. The Daddy discipline, number six, was reserved for me, and only I could say when I would stop its use if she agreed to it in the first place. Again, she didn’t know that, either. Tonight, would be a learning curve for us both.

I walked up behind Lillith and ran my hands down her are arms. I breathed gently against her neck and ran kisses down her throat. “Are you ready, my love, for your first play session as my wife?”

Lillith shivered, a gentle blush appearing on her skin. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl,” I growled. “Now stay still while I get you out of this dress.” I unlaced the corset, and the dress fell to her feet. “Step back towards me, Lillith,” I commanded. She did, and I placed a blindfold on her eyes.

“Oh? How yummy.”

“Quiet!” I spanked her with my hand. “You will answer when spoken to, and that is all you are allowed. Are we clear?”

She nodded her head. I spanked her several times. “I asked a question; the proper answer is, ‘yes, Sir’.”

“Yes, Sir,” she quickly amended. Lilith’s breathing was deepening; she was very turned on.

“Good girl,” I growled low in her ear. I ran my hands down the sides of her body and cupped her beautiful breasts. I thrummed my thumbs over her sensitive buds. She tensed and moaned, leaning back into my chest.

I gently pushed her away and drew her over to the bed. “Okay, wife, time to crawl up on the bed and lay your beautiful body over the bolster. Any questions?”

Lillith placed her hands on the bed and crawled up. Finding the bolster, she lay over the top, her ass high in the air, a perfect position for her lovely ass.

My hard-on was becoming painful, and I could not wait to plunge inside of her very wet entrance. I placed the restraints around her wrists and ankles and then secured them to the posts at the corners of the bed. She moaned as I tightened her to a full spread-eagle position. “Test your restraints, please, Lillith.”

“Yes, Sir,” she answered and then tried pulling her arms and then her legs. Her limbs could not move more than an inch; she was not going anywhere.

“How do you feel all trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey?”

She laughed, as did I at the turkey reference. “Lucky, Sir, thank you.”

Good answer. I wondered again if Lillith was just a natural submissive or if this was her adopted ‘play’ persona to be the perfect little girl she seemed to enjoy.

I ran my hand down her rounded mounds to her wet entrance and played with her clit. She moaned and tried to writhe but had no space in which to do so. I ran my finger from her sodden folds up the crack of her ass.

“What do you think, Mrs. Ackles, should I punish your naughty hole tonight?”

I had completely taken her by surprise. The sharp inhale of breath had proven that. I spanked her hard and stopped. Then I reran my finger from her juicy entrance to her tight, puckered backside entrance. I slid my finger in and asked again.

“Yes, Sir?”

I had to pull out and back away so my body rocking from laughter wouldn’t alert her to how amused I was by her answer. She asked it like a question. Oh, she was a delight. “Mrs. Ackles, please pick a number from one to six.”

“Three, Sir.”

Good answer; picking a number right in the middle wouldn’t give her any information about whether going up on her next choice would be worse or better. “Good choice, now I will begin your spanking. Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she moaned loudly.