Camellia Winters has been searching for a Daddy Dom to call her own. After a string of bad dates has her wondering if it’s time to give up and follow her best friend Rebecca’s advice to date a vanilla guy, she finds herself matched with the last man she expected to find on her kinky dating app: her best friend’s dad.

She quickly finds herself torn between loyalty to her friend and the undeniable chemistry suddenly found in this forbidden match, all while struggling to bring her professional home designer dreams to fruition so she can finally quit the desk job she’s been stuck behind for years.

Can she navigate her complicated feelings without destroying a lifelong friendship, or will it all go up in smoke along with her struggling business?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of adult themes, sensual scenes, and power exchange.

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His goading and teasing launched her forward into a pained cry of ecstasy as she climaxed and shuddered in her bindings.

He hummed again as he watched her quivering helplessly in the air. “There’s my good girl, such a good little rope slut.”

Her heart fluttered at his claiming of her. From his first touch she had become his and they both knew it.

He moved out of sight and Cam heard a low motorized buzz fill the room. Before she could ask what he was up to, she felt a powerful vibrator pressed into her sensitive parts and all but jumped out of her skin with a sudden jerk. She swore loudly and strained against the ropes, trying to close her thighs and escape the intense stimulation. She heard Greg’s satisfied grunt at her torment and he left a firm slap on her inner thigh.

“Take it, sugar. Cry and try to escape it all you like, but you’re making an awful mess down here. This pretty pink pussy is telling me another story.”

“Too,” she paused for a weak whimper, “much!”

He chuckled and kept it on her a couple seconds longer before pulling back and letting her catch her breath. He set the vibrator down, then set to work at gingerly shifting the ropes so she hung in a new position, giving her a chance to recenter herself and redirect blood flow from her head. When he was finished with her, she hung upright with her legs folded thigh to calf and held open, the soaked strand of rope splitting her removed so he could pull her forward onto his cock after he finished stripping away his own clothes.

Cam sucked in a deep breath as he stretched her open and slipped his full length inside her and held himself there with an intense and possessive stare into her wonderstruck eyes. He grasped one meaty hip and with his other hand groped her breast roughly. His soulful dark eyes zeroed in on hers and did not break away as he slid out then roughly rammed himself back in, beginning a slow yet forceful rhythm. His hand wandered down her soft tummy and slid behind her where her wrists were bound and slipped his hand into hers. Despite the chorus of whimpers and cries he elicited with each thrust into her, she squeezed his hand back to let him know she was still okay. With the green light, he moved his hand around her throat and held her still as he began to drill into her faster, harder.

Camellia felt weightless, helpless, impossibly surrendered to him and something in her reveled in the bite of the rope holding her bound and the way his girth pained her for a short time when he first entered her. She loved the way he wrecked her.