A collection of short romance stories set in medieval times, where feisty maidens get a lesson in discipline from sexy, stern heroes.

In An Amorous Tale, Jacquelyn’s fiery temper is driving her brother-in-law to distraction. He needs to find her a husband – and quickly – to get her off his hands! With wily determination, he convinces her to marry his cousin, Rowan Faulkner, a knight with large holdings, but urges her to keep her temper in check until after the marriage. Once she becomes his wife, Jacquelyn thinks to rule Rowan as she does others, but she soon discovers that Rowan is no pushover.

In Forever His, Mirabelle hasn’t seen Fabian D’Auvay for four years. But now, on her sister’s wedding day to his brother, he reappears back in her life. He used to tease her when she was younger and drive her to distraction but now she is older, will he still be the same? She has missed their verbal sparring and seeks to play a prank on him. How will he react?

In For King and Country, Bronwen de Courtnay runs away from an impending arranged marriage. She wants to marry for love; nothing else will do. Finding herself out in a storm, she is chanced upon by Hugh le Breton, a powerful knight who takes her into his castle for protection against the elements. Needing money to aid her escape to France, Bronwen attempts to steal from him but gets caught and he delivers firm retribution!

Read these stories and others about rebellious damsels who soon learn that their misbehaviour has consequences from the strong knights in their life. A delightful book for romance lovers who like a little discipline on the side.

Publisher’s Note: Short and sweet love stories that feature stern discipline. If this offends you, please do not read this collection.