Love. Safety. Security. Three notions Demi Durango never thought she’d have, but now that marriage to Kal has given her these luxuries, how far will she go to keep them? 


Demi and Kal return to Dolphin Island to begin their married lives together but their first year will be spent apart, with Kal soon shipping out. The night before he deploys, a security breach into Kal’s secret identity puts Demi in danger. He can’t leave her home alone, especially after learning she was the one who launched the inquiry. Will she ever be able to fully live a Domestic Discipline lifestyle and truly and totally trust her husband? Or will Kal be forced to take Jared Masters up on his offer to help teach his sassy wife the island ways?  


Demi feels horrible for letting Kal down and would do anything to strengthen her marriage and make her groom happy. To placate her husband, she quickly decides to enroll herself in Chateau Dreambox: the school seems like the perfect place to learn more about living a DD lifestyle. Surrounding herself with like-minded people could help her master the art of submission. But if she still has trouble submitting to her husband, how in the world will she ever allow the professors to instruct her? 


Publisher’s Note: This love story contains scenes of domestic discipline and explicitly described adult encounters.  




Kal pulled Demi to his chest. She read his signal well and fervently responded, wrapping her arms around his neck, hugging herself closer to him. Her lips met his. She was so damn soft. He loved the way she willingly opened to him. Kal slowly danced her backward. Demi ripped his shirt up and over his head. Two more steps and her back met the wall. He palmed her face—colored pink from being upside down—and kissed the flushed hue, letting his lips melt into her soft skin. The way she worked his buckle increased his need to sink into her even softer pussy.

Kal thrust his hips forward, pinning her to the wall, his lips sucking the tender area along her neck. Demi moaned as she unsnapped his pants and pulled at his zipper.

Her fruity-orchard scent mixed with the floral aroma of her arousal. Kal’s brain fogged with hallucinating thoughts of Demi skipping nude through a summer garden in full bloom. The image had precum seeping from his cockhead, and he further ground his pelvis against hers.

He shifted slightly backward, and she yanked his trousers and boxers down. His cock sprang free and jutted toward her, searching for her softness. Kal groaned, anticipating her tightness as he lifted her. Intuitively, she wrapped her legs about him and panted.

He palmed her ass, kneading the fleshy redness still warm to his touch, and pressed her back against the wall. Nestling the head of his dick against her juicy opening, he probed into her.

His thrust breached her softness, and he inched his cock into her tightness. Demi moaned. Another thrust tore at the tender tissues lining her welcoming passage, and the next prod fully seated his erection inside of her. Demi gasped, clutched her arms around his neck, tightened her ankles around his hips, and hung tightly as he drove her against the wall.

One hand under her red ass the other stroked and kneaded her breast, heavy with need. Nipples hard and responsive. He plowed onward, surfing through the euphoric waves of passion that slammed into him every time he rammed into her. The heady sensations engulfed him, spurring him to mate harder, faster as her blissful cries filled the room.

Author Interview

with Ivy Killian

When did you know you wanted to be an author?
Something deep inside me always knew. I can remember having stories in my head as early as first grade. All I wanted to do was spend time daydreaming about these make-believe characters, but it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that the dream of doing something with the stories became an obtainable goal. While in route to our weekend home, a cabin in the country at the time, my hubby driving along, and me reading sensual passages from Jude Deveraux’s Highland Velvet to him-a little something fun and sexy we do to kill the miles. I paused mid-passage, turned to him, and said, “I could write this stuff.”
With a brief glance my way, he said, “Do it.”
That was all the encouragement and support and validity I needed. The rest of the weekend I sat under an oak tree near the pond, a place that later became known as my thinking spot, and began to write a story about a Colorado rancher falling in love with a pretty girl from Massachusetts. Fast forward to present day and I still hold a fondness in my heart for that first manuscript. I entitled it Destine, and my mother and sister loved it, which every writer knows that’s code for your story is in need of much editing. So, I placed it in a kitty-cat binder and safely stored it away, (along with the digital copy on a floppy disk drive.) Once day, I would like to dig it out and give it a thorough overhaul, for it was written well before I began to study story structure and character development; however, it does have one thing in common with the stories I write today-a spanking scene.
Do you recommend any writing books on the craft?
One year for Christmas, my hubby bought me The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing by Evan Marshall. It is an excellent tool that can get any writer who is serious about finishing a manuscript from beginning to end. There is even a workbook to accompany it for those who need a more hands-on approach. Over the next few months, I read and reread that book until I felt I understood how to draft a story, so it was Christmas 2005 when I knew I was going to be a writer.
Do you remember any of those early-childhood daydreams?
Sadly, I don’t remember the specifics enough to spin them into a book, but I do remember the day my third-grade teacher called me out for not paying attention. I was so embarrassed to be caught fantasizing that I quickly learned to mask my daydreaming. I developed a trick that involved staring at the teacher and counting the buttons or stripes on her clothing. To my instructors, I appeared to be paying attention. In reality, I had escaped into my thoughts. My technique worked; I was never called out again for being distracted.
What does the future look like for Ivy?
I love to write, and dabbling with the written word will always be a part of me. So as long as the imaginary people in my head keep feeding me story ideas, I will keep entertaining my readers with their antics. Just last night while lying in bed aiming for sleep, Roan insisted on telling me how Penny won his heart the day he found her swimming unaccompanied in his pool. Unfortunately for Penny, the no-swimming-alone rule was clearly posted nearby. When she protested that she didn’t want to disturb anyone at such an early hour, Roan pointed out that all she had to do was pick up the blue phone next to the sign and call for a lifeguard. It’s not looking good for Penny’s bottom. Even worse, the thought of getting spanked horrifies her as she is new to the DD scene.
Will the story of Roan and Penny be your next novel?
I would like to use their tale in a collection of short spanking stories I’ve been working on, but for now, I’m working on a book for my Dolphin Island series that my beta reader inspired me to write. As she was reading Disciplining Demi: The Training, she thought Master Jared Masters from Chateau Dreambox deserved a story of his own, so I moved that one to the forefront. However, Roan and Penny’s short story is on my website for free.
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