Samantha, a widow of three years, has just begun to put her life back together when a shooter in the parking lot of the mall destroys dozens of cars and causes multiple injuries. Adam Stapleton, a handsome lieutenant of the Highway Patrol, pulls Sam to safety and she feels for the first time in years what it’s like to be held in a man’s arms. And it’s wonderful.

But Adam has his own set of rules, intended to keep her safe. As a series of double-takes and other events happen that make her doubt her own judgement, she realizes she’s been drawn into a web of suspicion. She’s now the object of a murder investigation, of stalking, and her own home has been broken in to and ransacked. The only one she can trust now is Adam.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange and suspense.




The next time he looked back, she’d opened the back door and dragged out her purse, looking down with dismay as a multitude of tempered glass showered down on her sneakers. He ended the call, and dialed his boss next, but as he looked back once more, she’d disappeared. He started back toward the car, wondering where this adorable but disobedient young woman had gone.


Keep your mind on the present, Stapleton. She’s probably married.


He found her, halfway under her car, only the shapely overall-clad curves of her bottom and legs visible. “First responders are on their way,” he said, stuffing his phone back in his pocket as he approached. “What are you doing under there?”


“Looking for my phone,” a little voice said from beneath the car. There was a slight wiggle of the delectable curves as she tried to back out from under it, and he tried not to notice—unsuccessfully.

Author Bio:

Pippa Greathouse


​An assignment by my elegant and sweet fifth grade teacher was what started it all. The assignment? To write a short story and read it aloud to the class.


Enter a story about a group of fifth grade kids camping in the woods who were attacked by a Grizzly; add body parts everywhere and kids being mauled to death one by one, and pile on top one horrified teacher (Poor Mrs. J!). The kids thought it was cool, however, and I was hooked.


Writing continued throughout Junior and Senior High, in the form of space stories, then spy stories, and by the time I reached high school, had turned into romances!  Every year ​when spring fever hit, I would take my notebook outside at lunchtime, and soak up the sun, and write. Then I would take it home and type it up on onionskin paper, on an old Underwood typewriter (Yes, I know I’m old!)


One day a few years ago while cleaning, I came upon a tote containing a wad of onionskin paper, rolled up. I was delighted to find a story that I had written when I was about eighteen, and thought, “Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I sat down and re-wrote this? And submitted it?”


My favorite Heroine?    One with intelligence, integrity, courage, and firm determination. I love to have the heroine and hero ‘make a difference’ in the surroundings and lives of others in the story.

And needless to say, my favorite hero is an “Alpha male” who loves his woman to distraction, but is smart (yes, in my opinion, smart is extremely sexy!) stern, and willing to be as strict as necessary to protect her from danger, even danger from herself.


Please email me! I’d love to hear from you!


~Pippa Greathouse



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