A silly college girl prank soon lands her on the wrong side of Cal’s law.

Cal’s young wife, Jenny, just wants to play house with her husband, Sheriff Cal Bennett. Cal wants her to complete one more year of college before choosing a path. Although Jenny is tired of school, she bends to her husband’s wishes. On their precious days together, Cal educates his beautiful girl to the idea of kinky fantasies and bedroom toys, and here, Jenny is an eager student!

She is applying herself to her classes and showing Cal she can be responsible, when she finds herself being stalked by a mysterious police officer who views every move she makes as criminal. Everyone she cares about knows that what ensues is not Jenny’s doing, but she can’t keep herself from giving in to some sweet revenge.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains elements of power exchange.


Author Interview


When did you know you wanted to be an author?

This had been a wish-dream since I was a child. I didn’t feel it was obtainable, it was more like wanting be an astronaut or a millionaire. When I began blogging a decade ago and I heard from people who liked my stories, the dream became alive again. With books, there’s less contact with the reader than there is with the blog, but those who have reviewed my books and the readers who have emailed have been so kind and encouraging, I want to write more and more.


Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?

I mostly just dive right in. I know my characters well by the time I begin writing. I usually have a vague idea of what’s going to happen, but often I’m wrong.


What is your writing process like?

I put my characters in a scene or situation and just let them deal with it. I often sit with my eyes closed and watch and listen to what they’re doing and saying. Then I just write it all down. Quite often I start out thinking the story will go one way and my characters turn and go in a completely different direction. I never worry about the ‘next’ part. My characters lead the way.


What was the hardest part about writing?

The very hardest part for me is writing the blurb. I know the whole story.  Getting the readers’ attention in two or three short paragraphs is challenging. I want to draw readers in without giving away too much. For me finding this balance is extremely difficult.


What do you love most about books?

Books, and the characters in them, become friends. They don’t change, you can count on them. They will be there when you need them. I love to read a book over and over. When I travel or when I’m sick, I like to go back and read my favorite books. They are like comfort food for me.


Libraries or bookstores?

If you saw my groaning book shelves you wouldn’t ask! Since I see books as friends, constant companions, I bring them home from the bookstore so they can be mine forever. I can’t imagine taking a friend back to the library and leaving it. I love books that I can hold in my hands. I always will. But I’m very grateful for my Kindle for its ability to store so many of my friends in one place.



Character interview


A few readers had some questions for Jenny and Cal and Jake, Cal’s best friend and head deputy. Here’s what they had to say:


Jenny, where do you see your marriage to Cal in ten years’ time?  Do you dream of children?  What will be different from the way you were raised?

Ten years from now? I can’t imagine ten months from now! I see us happy.  I kinda hope Cal doesn’t want to be sheriff forever. I wouldn’t mind him in a safer line of work. We both really want kids but not right now! I want at least three and Cal says that’s fine with him. We may have some and then adopt some.  

I want our kids raised as differently from how I was raised as humanly possible. I want to be with them to cuddle them, play with them, teach them and mostly just love them. There will be tons of cousins to play with and wonderful grandparents – Cal’s parents, and lots of aunts and uncles.


Jenny, do you fear your mother will ever be able to disrupt your life again?

I try not to think about her at all. Cal made sure he knew where she was. It’s some fancy mental facility at the moment. I guess they’re giving her enough drugs to keep her happy. She’ll be out soon I’m guessing. I’m not afraid of her, but when she gets out I want to know it so I can keep my guard up.


Jenny, now that it’s been a while, do you miss the wealthy life style you had? Would you want it if you could have it with Cal?

I know some people would call me stupid or a liar, but I swear I don’t miss the money. I was miserable for most of my life. I had ‘stuff’, you know like nice clothes, newest phone, I traveled some, but I was still miserable. Now I have Cal.  I have real friends. I have a family and I’m happy. I do the cooking and cleaning most of the time and I enjoy it. Now ask me again in five years and I’ll probably say I want a maid! But right now, I love doing it. I don’t need or want fancy clothes. Someday my phone, computer or car is going to die and I won’t be able to run right out and get a new one. That might really suck, but we can deal with it.

Would I want the wealth if I had it with Cal? I’m not sure. I might not say no, but I like the way things are right now. I don’t want things to change. And I don’t think I have to worry about that.


Cal, as a younger man, did you ever think about the kind of woman that would make you think about marriage?  What was your vision?  Were there any other girls that you knew were just not right for you?

I dated a little over the years. There was one woman, Pat, that I was with for two years. We got along well and my family liked her. But it became apparent she was ready to get married and I had to face the fact I wasn’t in love with her. I still consider her a friend. But she wasn’t the one.

I certainly thought I’d marry someone nearer my own age for one thing. That’s why I fought my attraction to Jenny when we met. Until she and I met, I didn’t give it a lot of thought to the kind of woman I wanted to marry. I guess like many men, somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted someone similar to my mother. I thought I went pretty far in the other direction. But when I mentioned it to my dad, he laughed and told me that if I’d known my mom at the age of twenty, I’d see I’d chosen someone exactly like her.


Cal, why do you think a traditional marriage is the best for you and Jenny?

It’s the kind of marriage I’m familiar with. My parents have a marriage like this and I know how strong their bond of love is. I want that for Jenny and me.


Jake, what was Cal like as a kid?  Has he always had such a clear idea of right and wrong? 

Cal and I have known each other forever. First time we saw one another was when I was three days old and Cal was two months old. I was nearly eight before I realized we weren’t actually brothers. We had a ball growing up, fishing and camping, a little hunting. We were at home in the river. Sometimes we got in trouble a little. We liked to sneak around in people’s barns. We stole the occasional watermelon. There might have been a prank or two played against cranky old Mr. Pennell. He taught eighth grade. When he found out we were the ones who chained his cellar doors closed from the inside we got a whipping at school and another one at home. I’m sure he was pissed, that’s where he hid his liquor.


But Cal was still always honest. Caught was caught and he would never lie to get out of trouble. If a neighbor saw him doing something he shouldn’t, they’d tell him to tell his daddy and he always did. We were honestly pretty good kids and I think his reputation was what got him elected sheriff so young.