In Book One, Andrew, a Scotsman with a business in America, and Ria, from Raleigh but now living in New Jersey, met and fell deeply in love, but Ria is a free spirit and was in no hurry to accept a ring.

Andrew finally managed to get a diamond on her finger, and both families were delighted, but now she’s reluctant to make wedding plans. He’s promised to wait as long as necessary, but he’s not happy about it.
In the meantime, he takes Ria to Scotland to meet his family, and while there, she becomes friends with a young Texas woman who’s now a countess.

Andrew’s trying to be patient, but while he’s waiting, they run into a major problem: After he forbids Ria to go shopping in a blizzard, she rebels by announcing he can no longer discipline her, and the intensely intimate relationship they’ve built starts unraveling.

How will they get their relationship back on track, and what will it take for Andrew to finally get Ria to the altar for the Christmas wedding she’s always dreamed of?

Publisher’s Note: This love story includes scenes of domestic discipline.



“One thing I always remind couples is that the word ‘obey’ was removed from the Episcopal service many years ago, but if you prefer to include it, we can.”   Father Reynolds rarely dealt with couples today who wanted the word in their service, but he still always asked.

Andrew perked up.  “You mean I can have her promise to obey me?”  His eyes were twinkling.

“You can ask all you want,” replied Ria tartly.  “It’s the getting that might be a problem.”


Author Bio

Laura has been creating stories for as long as she can remember and last year decided to write publicly.  Having spent some of her childhood and then much of her married life living abroad, she has no true home and considers herself a global nomad. She now lives with her retired husband and their two Siamese cats in Mexico.

Laura’s had a lifelong interest in classical music, travel, and languages, and she’s a sucker for a tender animal story.

She loves writing about alpha (gentle)men and the ladies in their lives.