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Everleigh has waited for weeks for her fiancé’s return. Rob had been overseas for six weeks and his absence was almost more than Ever could take. Even knowing that he was going to take her over his knee for ignoring his instructions didn’t dampen her desire to have him home. After a few weeks of constant togetherness, Rob sees a change in the woman he loves. As their wedding draws closer, his sweet Ever was threatening to turn into one of those horrid Bridezillas. He decides she needs a different project, one that captured her artistic spirit. Ever is all for following this order but finds her original plans change when she learns of a project that will allow her to honor the men and women who serve their country. The residents pull together to help these injured soldiers. Tory’s husband, John, needs more than his wife’s love and as a fellow resident of this special community, Rob takes on a project of his own. Ever finds that art takes many forms and hope is everlasting as long as there are people in the world that reach out to help their fellow man.


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“Spanks your ass?” Violet suggested, in her typical blunt fashion. “And, as you so eloquently put it, seriously, Everleigh Harris – you do remember exactly what sort of man you are engaged to, right? Don’t tell me you expect Rob, the very stern, very dominant, very alpha male Officer Robert Montgomery, to forget that he promised you a good spanking?” As Ever just groaned, her head against the back of her seat, her eyes closed, Violet grinned and reached out to place her hand over her best friend’s. “Besides, as much as I love you, I agree this is one spanking you deserve.”

Ever’s eyes popped open as did her mouth. “What? What sort of friend says something like that?”

“A best friend who would like to keep you around for a very long time. Ever, you’ve got to admit it, you are taking a very cavalier attitude about your health. If you didn’t get the message that we all love you and are worried about you after your first collapse, well, perhaps you’ll get the message when your butt is vermilion.”

Ever shook her head but had to giggle. “God, only another artist would say vermilion when she means red!” Violet’s smile and exaggerated eye roll told Ever that her friend understood but wasn’t about to back down. “Okay, I get it. I screwed up big time, but don’t you think he could wait for a bit? I mean, all I want to do is hold him and feel him holding me. I’ve missed him so much. I just feel awful that he has to come home and tend to his ‘bad girl’ instead of just coming home and relaxing.”

Violet squeezed Ever’s fingers. “Honey, you and I both fell in love with men that can’t relax or just let something go when we’ve been less than truthful.” She gave Ever a stern glance until Ever finally nodded. “You told everyone you’d tell Rob and well, sweetie, you didn’t. Everleigh, you are not a bad girl but you have to admit that you did make a bad choice in being dishonest.”

Ever groaned again. Nodding, she turned her eyes back to Violet. “I know, but, God, I just want to cuddle.”

“Honey, you will cuddle, I promise. But, if we are honest with ourselves, we wouldn’t like it if they didn’t follow through on their word. We need the structure, need the rules and most especially, need the discipline when we step out of bounds. You’ve stepped out so far as to endanger your health. We all know where that leads.”


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