From best friends to passionate lovers.

Eliana Pearson has been in love with her best friend Rafe since ninth grade. But Rafael Trelore has never seen Eli as anything other than his best friend.

When Eli decides to put some distance between them, she is stunned to find that Rafe simply can’t let her go. Does Rafe truly want to be with her, or is his possessiveness driving him to take control of his best friend?

Eli can’t seem to find the answer, but she does find herself thrown into a torrid affair with Rafe. Soon her submissive responses elicit a reaction that brings out Rafe’s dominant male sensuality, driving them both to a new level of sexual awareness that may bring them both to their knees.

Fair Game is the first book in the Love Sick Series, where a group of friends find love and commitment. Love Sick is the series where sexual fantasy becomes bone-melting reality.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange. Please do not read it if these are offensive to you.

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“Now, lie across my lap,” Rafe said, his voice firm.

Eli gaped at him before scrambling over to do as he said. Is Rafe going to punish me? she wondered breathlessly, her insides twisting with excitement.

“Do want me to spank you?” Rafe asked, one hand gently rubbing over her thick globes.

“I… yes,” Eli answered without hesitation.

“Good girl,” Rafe replied, and Eli felt her sex growing wet from Rafe’s sweet praise.

The first smack was like a fiery brand, making Eli jolt. She whimpered, her mind scrambling from the intense sensation as pleasure and pain burst in her body.

“Who do you belong to?” Rafe asked as a second swat landed on her other cheek with a resounding thwack.

“Oh, Rafe,” Eli panted, squirming over his rigid length as he continued to spank her.

“I asked you a question, Eli,” Rafe encouraged, his smacks continuing in a pattern over her buttocks and thighs.

“You, Rafe, I belong to you,” Eli panted, her vision blurring from the exquisite pleasure.

Rafe continued to spank her, his cock jerking as he watched the bloom of colour appear on her perfect ass.

“I’m sorry?” Rafe asked, smacking harder when he felt Eli squirming.

“You, Sir, I belong to you,” Eli clarified, receiving a firmer hand on her already heated cheeks.

“Good girl,” Rafe praised again, his hands stopping their movement to rub gently over her burning skin.

“You’re beautiful like this, Eli,” Rafe murmured, his cock producing pre-cum from the red blooms of colour now coating her flesh.

“Oh, Sir, pleaseā€¦ need you.”

Rafe growled deep in his throat, reaching for Eli with shaking hands. Once he had her straddling his lap, he took her swollen lips.