by Renee Rose

I think it was easier for me to put my fantasies down on paper (okay, onto the screen) than it was to initiate serious kink-play in my marriage. That sounds backwards, right?  I let the general public see inside my head before I admitted my deepest desires to my husband?  But of course, books are fiction, and there’s anonymity behind a pen name.

Still, my fantasies are laid out there for all to see in my books, and sometimes they offend. There are those who just don’t understand D/s– they find it downright offensive and certainly anti-feminist (I wrote about my own struggle with this issue in an earlier email). I’m always extremely gratified by the reviewers who say things like, “well, it’s not my thing, but the writing and the story were good, so I went along with it anyway” because I know I did my part to take some of the stigma away from my kink.
Blushing Books recently re-released Renaissance Discipline, a twinset of Loving Lucia and Courting Celia, which are the second and third books I wrote back in 2012. One of my favorite reviewers messaged me to say, “OMG– you might get some HATE reviews from this one.”  I’d forgotten that some found that book offensive. I wrote it before I knew what was “PC” with my audience.and my fantasies in Loving Lucia involve the heroine struggling with an arranged marriage with a man who not only spanks, but also wants his sexual freedom to cheat (Spoiler–he does come around and commits to the marriage by the end.). I also have some menage scenes with her twin sister and her husband.
To me, those scenarios were hot. The arranged marriage thing always tweaks me–I love the fantasy of the woman having no choice in her future and having to navigate an all-new situation (of course, with a stern but sexy husband). In Lucia’s case, I made it even more difficult by his infidelity and disinterest in getting involved with her emotionally. I didn’t know back that cheating is absolutely taboo in romance books and  that while M/f/M menages are welcome in my genre, M/f/f not so much.
I certainly could go into shame over my particular fantasy being offensive to some, but hey, I’ve worked hard to throw that wet blanket off. One of my deepest hopes is that my books, emails or presence helps support others in accepting their own kink, whatever that may be.
Renaissance Discipline
Loving Lucia
The Count of Parma had no interest in taking a new wife–his passion was reserved `for his fledgling winery. But when Italy’s leading wine maker, Don Edoardo Dante, offers him funds with which to improve his vineyards, he cannot refuse, even though the offer comes in the form of a dowry. When he makes Dante’s red-headed daughter Lucia a Countess, Marco never suspects that he might actually grow to care about his lovely young wife.Courting Celia
Celia Dante is notorious for her headstrong ways and getting into mischief. This time, she’s out to seduce Tomi, her brother-in-law’s handsome steward and the man she cut her teeth flirting with as a young girl. But in addition to losing her virginity to the rakish Duke of Tuscany, her colorful past includes joining her twin sister and brother-in-law in their bed, a fact Tomi has a hard time swallowing.

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