Finding Their Bliss by Thianna D.

Brent Carmichael loved Corbin’s Bend. A small community at the base of the rocky mountains just for spankofiles, he worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly and that the residents were safe and happy. He never intended to fall in love but when Charmagne Kendle stumbled into his life, he found an attraction he had no intention of fighting.

Char moved to Corbin’s Bend after losing her job, her apartment, and her fiance all in one day. She had no idea she was actually moving to a spanking community but with the freedom to explore her secret fetish, she found herself happily upended over Brent’s lap.


As their relationship deepened into domestic discipline, her ex appeared wanting her back. Now she had to choose. The rich, handsome, and charming Nathan Korven or former police officer Brent Carmichael. To find her bliss, there was really only one choice.

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Almost Paradise by April Hill

Washing up on a deserted island with strangers isn’t the best way to begin a vacation. No lavish five-star hotel suites, no adult beverages with skewered fruit and tiny umbrellas, the shopping sucks, and the only delicacies on the menu are what they can spear for themselves in a shark infested blue lagoon. (And all the rats they can catch, of course.)


The good news is that the sunsets are gorgeous and the coconuts are free for the taking. It’s almost paradise.

The bad news is that two out of the three women are lazy, spiteful and competing for the Gold Medal of Brattiness.


Obviously, this is a job for two Alpha males with old-fashioned ideas about discipline, about how to tame a tantrum and the many innovative uses of kelp.

With no hope of rescue this modern-day Gilligan’s Island crew will have to work together if they have any hope of surviving.

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A Short Leash by Loki Renard

Caged by a neglectful master, Sierra dreams of the freedom she had in the wilds, far from the city-dwellers who use women with wild genes as hunting pets. When her inept owner tires of her biting him, he brings her to Master Kade, a specialist trainer. Upon seeing her pitiful state, Kade confiscates Sierra from the fool who mistreated her and takes her as his own.


From the moment Sierra lays eyes on Kade, she’s sure of two things: the muscular, scarred man carries the same wild gene she does, and just as importantly, he is used to getting his way. Sierra has no intention of being trained without a fight, but she soon learns that her new master is more than ready to make her obey, even if that means a hard spanking on her bare bottom. As much as she resists him, Kade quickly proves he can be gentle as well as firm. Being in his arms makes Sierra feel safe, and when he takes her to his bed she finds herself satisfied in a way she has never felt before.


Her training reaches a new level when Kade allows his best friend, a doctor, to thoroughly, intimately examine his pet, leaving her blushing with shame yet helplessly aroused. Doctor Charles is everything Kade is not – debonair, educated, and a model citizen – yet Sierra finds herself irresistibly drawn to his quiet dominance. Between Kade’s wild appeal and Charles’ calm allure, Sierra isn’t sure where her future lies, until she discovers that while a pet cannot serve two masters, she can be shared by them.


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