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The Session by Coleen Singer

In the elite circle of professional domination, Jayson Greene was one of the best, but making his living spanking the women who came seeking his unique services has also made him cynical, tired of being a one-dimensional fantasy. There was just something about his new client, though, that made Jace think everything was about to change.

Allison Bowden would have never believed she was the sort of woman who would make an appointment for a spanking, but after so many years of reading, thinking, and dreaming about it, this was just something she had to know about herself. But it was too much, too new, too fast, and Jayson Green was too attractive.

Everything Jace was trained to do told him to let her go when she cut their session short, but Jace just couldn’t do it. When he gave Allie the discipline she needed-even as she said she didn’t want it after all-he felt alive again. He knew he could bring them closer together if only he could help Allie understand herself, and he could only do that if he could convince her to stay for The Session.

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A Simple Solution by Coleen Singer

Alexis and James have a problem – they are attracted to each other but neither can make the first move – or get past their “prickliness” for the opposite sex.


Fortunately, Abram has a solution – a very old-fashioned solution. The only difficulty is that Abram is a ghost, and while that has some advantages, it has disadvantages, too. But he finally gets through to James…. and then James gets through to Alexis…


This book is a re-release, originally titled “A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem” by Elizabeth Byrne. If you purchased the original version you can download the newer version simply by re-downloading it from your Blushing Books account for no additional cost.

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Troublemaker by Gracie Malling

Jo has always longed for her husband, Chris, to take her in hand, but the more she acts out in the hopes of ending up over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking, the worse she feels. When she stumbles upon The Good Wife Training Centre while online late at night, she quickly emails the link to Chris before she can second guess herself. To Jo’s surprise, the next morning Chris tells her he wants to give her what she needs, and they are soon enrolled at the centre.


Upon their arrival, Chris and Jo meet their tutor, a no-nonsense disciplinarian who wastes no time in coaching Chris as he takes his feisty young bride over his knee for her first spanking. While Jo and the other ladies are taught to cook and clean, Chris and the other husbands learn how to firmly scold and soundly spank a naughty wife. But when Jo pushes her tutors too far and it becomes clear that she needs stricter discipline, is Chris prepared to teach his little troublemaker a lesson that she won’t soon forget, even if it leaves her cheeks blushing as red as her well-spanked bottom?

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