Thank you for your interest in submitting material to Blushing Productions (formerly ABCD Webmasters/ ABCD Graphics and Design).

We have been publishing romantic and erotic stories on the Internet since 1999, and eBooks since 2003. We are in fact one of – if not the –first eBook publishers to specialize in romance erotica for women. Although through the years we have specialized in soft core BDSM and spanking erotica, we have always published and continue to publish “straight” erotica.

Initially, most of our eBook publications were books that we had initially purchased the rights to for use on membership Websites, Bethany’s Woodshed and Spanking Romance.

We continue to move stories completed on our membership sites to our eBook site regularly. In addition, we are now acquiring books for publication on our eBook site that were not previously published on our member Web site.

So what does this mean for you?

What this means is that there are two ways to publish with us.

1. We purchase a book up front for publication on one of our two membership Web sites. At this point, Blushing Publications is virtually the only Internet publisher in existence to pay for books up front. If we go this route, your book will either be published on Bethany’s Woodshed or SpankingRomance. Books purchased for publication on one of these two sites are considered “works for hire,” and Blushing Productions is the copyright holder.

For these two sites we buy only brand new, never-before published, exclusive romantic spanking novels and novellas. Most are M/F although we occasionally publish some F/F material. The minimum length is approximately 20,000 words (five 4,000 word chapters) and the maximum length is about 60,000 words (fifteen 4,000 word chapters). The upper limit is somewhat flexible; the lower limit is not. We require anything called a “chapter” to have at least 3,2000 words and prefer all chapters to be shorter than 5,000 words.

Pay will vary depending on several factors, but for Bethany’s Woodshed we start at 3 cents a word. Payment and arrangements for are a bit different and will be explained to authors at the time of acceptance. Bethany’s Woodshed publishes serialized novels, one chapter a week. Spankingromance publishes one completed novella each week.

After a story is completed, we move your book to our eBook site,, within 1 – 2 years. We retain exclusive rights to publish your book, but you do receive ongoing royalties on these sales – 25 percent of sales (minus 10 percent processing costs) from sales on our eBook site and 25 percent of sales from other publishing venues where we sell books, such as, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and 5 percent of sales on printed books. (Most of our titles at this point are not published in print.)

2. We acquire your book for publication on our eBook site and we manage your publication on external book selling sites such as and The book may have been previously published elsewhere, but if the entire book is still available on the Web for free (for example, on a free story board) then we are not interested.

If we acquire the book under these terms, our rights are non-exclusive, but if the author wishes to retain some publication rights this needs to be specified in the contract. For example, many authors choose to list their books themselves on but they want us to manage their books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AllRomanceeBooks where it is difficult or impossible for a lone author to self-publish. Cover art and ISBNS provided by Blushing Books are exclusive to the Blushing Book edition of your work and may not be used elsewhere.

If we acquire your book under these terms, you will receive 50 percent of sales (minus ten percent processing costs) on our eBook site and 50 percent of revenue from other publishing venues where we offer your books (such as Amazon or BarnesandNoble) and 10 percent on sales of printed books.

We require that you make a two-year commitment, and after that either party may terminate the publication agreement. The ISBN we assign to the book at the cover art we commission remains the property of Blushing Publications.

For eBook publication, we accept all spanking/BDSM genres, including F/F and F/M. WE also accept non-spanking, non-BDSM erotica.

At this point we are not publishing any gay M/M fiction, but are actively and aggressively working to open a second, gay book site, so if you are interested in writing for this genre, please let us know. We do publish “age play” material as long as all the characters are over 18 and are specifically state as being such.

We do NOT publish:

  • Any story that in any way demeans an individual or a group of people.
  • Pedophilia
  • Sexual incest – though big brother/dad may spank sister/daughter
  • Rape as titillation. Rape may be used as part of plot action, especially supporting character development, but the line in BDSM material about rape is a fuzzy one and we prefer to err on the side of caution.
  • Bodily functions as sexual activity (e.g., “golden showers”)
  • Necrophilia
  • Plotlines involving guns, knives or other weapons being inserted into any part of the female anatomy.
  • Bestiality. This rule refers to common animals indigenous to Earth. This does not apply to shapeshifting protagonists, such as werewolves, or sentient otherworldly humanoid animals common to sci-fi and fantasy.

Please remember that in a good spanking novel, the spanking is the focus. While many of our novels do contain sex (and some of it quite explicit) many others are actually very PG on sexual content. Spanking in many cases takes the place of sex, and so the guidelines for hero and heroine and sex from “standard” romance novels can apply here. For example, the romance convention is that the heroine should not have sex with anyone but the hero. In our novels, while a father or big brother may spank (and they often do frequently in flashback) in general, only the hero will spank the heroine.

Novels must have a plot. There must be story and character development. Submissions that are a long series of chapters that do nothing but accomplish yet another premise for the heroine to be spanked will not be accepted.

A note about the spanking of kids: Kids get spanked. In historical times, kids got spanked a lot. Husbands that believe in spanking wives also frequently believe in spanking children. We allow mention of the spanking of children as a “matter of fact” plot element. We also allow main characters to reminisce about childhood spankings. However, any punishment of pre-pubescent children must be presented in a matter-of-fact, non-descriptive way, with no overt descriptions of a minor’s body and it must never be the focus of the story. Any punishment that includes any overt physical descriptions must be administered to a female who is sexually mature and would be considered over the age of consent for her place and time.

How to submit:

1. We only accept .doc submissions

2. Please submit a general synopsis (2 – 3 paragraphs is fine) and a completed first chapter between 3,200 and 5,000 words. Tell us whether the book is currently completed (obviously required for a direct-to-eBook submission but not required for Bethany’s Woodshed). If it is completed, provide a word and chapter count. If it is not completed, please let us know the approximate projected length.

3. Submit to Put “submission” in your subject line and make sure you allow return email from that address. The synopsis and info may be in one email with the Chapter One document attached.