Clarissa is an author troubled by dreams of a Victorian woman and her family, who were murdered in amansion on an island in the picturesque Lake District, England. Writing a book about the young family, she is desperate to discover who murdered them, and is doing all she can to research the past when the recluse who owns the house refuses to allow her to visit.

But her quest for information causes her to be haunted by a violent male ghost who will stop at nothing to thwart her efforts – and another, equally determined to protect her and discipline her reckless behavior.

Can the handsome new owner of the island, American billionaire Brandon Clifford, who wants nothing more than to steal her heart, provide her with the answers she seeks to solve the mystery?

Publisher’s Note: This is a dark romance, filled with mystery, violence, explicit scenes and discipline. If any of these offend you, please do not read it.