Fort Laramie by Courage Knight
He’s ready for marriage. She’s not.

If she walks away from Mr. Right now, will she lose him forever?

Rules I wish I’d followed, by Carrie Carson:
1.Don’t lie on your application, claiming to know things you don’t.
2.Don’t sign up for a summer internship if the really cute, hot grad student in charge wants to date you, unless you’re ready for it.
3.Don’t ignore your boss’s orders, even if it is hot and the river looks so inviting!
4.Don’t get even with said boss by letting the air out of the tires of his best friend’s van.
5.Before falling for the really cute hot grad student, always ask if he’s into anything kinky – like spanking his girlfriend whenever he thinks she deserves it.
6.Don’t tell lies – not even small white lies – to boyfriends who spank.

If you like new adult & college romances that are hot, funny, a bit naughty and with a happily ever after, then you’ll love this novel by Courage Knight. Buy your copy of Fort Laramie today!

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Packed: The Enforcer by Carolyn Faulkner

Tek Harlow and Mari Buchanan had been on again off again lovers for years, even though her family forbade it. When Mari came back to town – again – and decided she wanted to become more involved in her extended, intricate family’s life, that came with the restriction that she and Tek not see each other at all.
But the werewolf pack’s second in command and the sister of the current pack leader found it nearly impossible to keep their hands off each other, until her brother discovered they’d been ignoring his rule all along. His ultimatum was harsh and succinct: either stay away from each other and be a part of the pack, or continue as they were and be shunned forever.
Although they made the unenviable choice of deciding to remain within the fold, a near tragedy may prove to pave the way for them to come together permanently, with everyone’s blessing.
Disclaimer: Packed, The Enforcer is the love story of Tek, a werewolf enforcer and Mari, sister of the Alpha. Tek and Mari are a combustible duo, and their romance contains graphic sexual and spanking scenes.
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