“Reading again?” he asked. “It’s been hours and I’m ready for you to join me in bed!”

“Sorry,” she replied, her tone distracted as her eyes continued to scan the page. “I just can’t tear myself away from these titles from Blushing Books. They just updated their online store and the stories are just so….”

She sighed. ” But I won’t bore you, You wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me,” he said. “Tell me what’s so great about them.”

She put the book in her lap and looked shyly up at her husband. “Well, they’re not your average romance novels. They’re so much more. They’re full of dominant men and submissive women and the men. And the men….”

“What about them?”

She hesitated before answering. “They spank the women.”

Her face colored slightly as she told him. For so long she’d lived vicariously through the characters on the page, but had always been too embarrassed to tell the man she loved how she put herself in the position of women like the gypsy girl taken in by a stern English gentleman, or the¬†married shopkeeper who flings caution to the wind to enter a torrid affair with a skilled dominant.

She picked up her book, preparing to read again, but as she did she felt his hand slide over her shoulder and then down to clutch her breast.

“Is that what you want? A spanking? You’re reading such naughty books. You clearly deserve one. A hard one. On your bare bottom while facedown across my lap…”

She smiled, for there was only one thing that could entice her away from one of the latest titles from Blushing Books. And that one thing was….

….acting out what she’d read.