Take one pretty brat with a defiant streak a mile wide, add a strict military man with a mission to achieve, throw in a handful of missile owning terrorists and what you have is a recipe for a hot bottomed, hard handed romantic spanking thriller.

Being gifted ain’t easy. At thirty two, chronic singleton Zora Matthews is quite content with a life of frequent drinks and occasional employment. At least, she thinks she is, in between hangovers and job terminations.

Older, wiser Captain Brett Savage is a serious man with a serious problem. A Bulgarian terrorist cell has a nuclear missile in their possession and it’s up to his unit to neutralize the threat. But this is no ordinary mission. To deactivate the missile, they’re going to need someone in the room. Someone with a mind like a machine.

The discovery of a little known civilian mathematical genius with just the skill set needed to get the job done gives Savage hope, but when he attempts to retrieve his newest recruit he discovers that Zora isn’t your typical nerd. She’s used to a life of hard partying and even harder rebellion – and she’s none too receptive to the domineering man who walks into her life and tells her he’ll be taking over.

Faced with a curvaceous brat of a woman who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of doing as she’s told – and who isn’t remotely ready for the dangerous mission that awaits her, Captain Savage is forced to whip Miss Matthews into shape.

Zora doesn’t take kindly to Savage’s intense version of military discipline, which soon means his rock hard hand meeting her disobedient backside. She’s even less thrilled when he possessively declares that he owns her and that he intends to use her as he sees fit. So why does her heart flutter whenever he walks into the room? And why does she feel so safe when he spanks her? If she survives the mission, she might just find out.