Available November 29th

Nick, a forty-something war veteran turned horse breeder, suddenly appears just when Katie’s chaotic world seems to be spiraling. Alone and unwanted, she is drawn to the older man who provides security but demands control. Soon, she finds herself part of a life in which she is surprised to discover she belongs. Desperate not to be cast aside, she clings and submits to the man who has declared himself to be not only her guardian and protector, but a surrogate parent who punishes her reckless behavior. 


Nick decided long ago that love, marriage and a family were not for him. However, there is something about the young woman he has taken under his wing that is slowly changing his mind about falling in love. The twenty-five year age difference has been holding him back. Can Katie convince him that it doesn’t matter to her? 


Publisher’s Note: This book contains stern discipline and explicit themes.