guest_card_iconHave you been overlooked? Are you wishing and wondering what you have to do to appear on the Blushig Blog? It’s simple really, just contact us. Setting up posts can be time consuming, but you can send a post anytime and it will be plugged in on the next available day. The Blushing Blog is for the authors to connect with our readers. So join in the Fun!

We’re looking for the following promotional articles, and will boost them on all of our social media outlets. Please include the type of article in the subject line. Your post should be in an attached word.doc with images attached separately. Hopefully this will work for all of us.

Cover Reveal:  Send your cover art in for a big reveal. Please include working title, blurb or tagline and release date.

Book Preview: Readers are waiting eagerly for your next release, why not share a little teaser or preview. Send your working title and blurb, or tagline.

Character Casting Posts: We all want to see our books at the movies, help us visualize, send us a post casting your characters with images of the people you best think fits their part and why.

Character Interviews: Your characters have a lot to say, and a mind of their own. Let them speak. For ideas you can check out these posts. (So Much Fun!!) (In the Movies Monday)

Reviews: Have you watched a movie  or read a book recently and want to share your thoughts on it? Is there a movie/book you recommend based on the genre or premise and how it relates to Blushing authors? Send it in! We’re always looking for recommedations and reviews.

Taglines or Tweets: Can you sell your book in less than 140 characters? Send in taglines for your books for fans and authors friends to circulate.

Author Interviews: Readers love getting to know you better. Full sample interviews are available if you want them, or completely make your own up.

Featured Authors: We  have been wanting to feature an author of the week: Sharing on the Blushing Blog, Facebook, or Twitter, and encouraging others to do so too. What we need is your help. If you would like to be a featured author, send an email with the subject: Featured Author. Then include all your links: your website or blog, your Facebook, or Twitter names, your Amazon page, your goodreads page, ect.

Articles on the Publishing Industry: If you have an opinion, share it. We’re all ears…

Freebies and Givaways: If you have a special promotion, party, ect., Send your details over right away.

Series Spotlight: Do you have a series you want to show a little love? Send it in! A nice intro to the series and blurbs/links should be attached.

Events: Do you have a promo event coming up and want to advertise it with us? Send in the details and we’ll get it up – lickety split.

Note: We always want to recognize our authors’ successes, unfortunately, sometimes we miss that crucial moment when your book hits #1, or miss it when it soars in a catergory we are not familiar with. Another thing we sometimes miss is when your author rank spikes as this doesn’t show up in a normal search. So please, screenshot your  rank and send it over right away if we miss something special so we can recognize your success.