Penelope Frost can take care of herself. A popular, successful photographer with a smart mouth and a hot temper, she’s learned the hard way not to rely on a man. Her ex, a man she thought she could trust with her innermost desires, abused more than her trust. Eventually, she puts that behind her and begins dating again, focusing her attention on safer, less controlling men. But even if she won’t admit it to herself, she still craves the attention of a dominant man.

When her friend Elisa finally convinces her to go on a blind date, Penelope meets Eric Calloway. Despite the promises she’s made to herself, she can’t ignore the desires he brings to the surface. The ultimate stereotype of tall, dark, and handsome, Eric is also the perfect balance of dominant and understanding. She reluctantly gives in to his advances, and they start slow, with Eric letting her set the boundaries. He is determined to help her embrace who she really is. Deep down.

When her dangerous ex realizes that he has no power over Penny anymore, that she has finally moved on, he is not happy. To what lengths will he go to reassert his hold over her?

To heal, Penny must first learn to trust again, but it won’t be easy. Can Eric’s patience hold while Penny finds her way back to her true self?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romance contains explicitly described love scenes between a dominant man and submissive woman.



Author Interview

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

Its something I’ve always thought about and toyed with. I wrote some short stories, some fanfics, just little things here and there. People would encourage me to write more but I never felt like I could really do anything “big” with it. And I think part of me was just always scared what people would think. Now that I’m in my 30s, I find that I care less about what people think and more about what makes me happy. So I started writing more of what I enjoy and I ended up with Healing Hurts.


What do you love most about books?

The journey. Even if you already know where you’re going, a good author can make getting there seem like the most thrilling ride of your life. I love a book where I can fall in love with the characters and be genuinely excited about what’s happening to them.


Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?

A little bit of both, actually. I sketch a very basic outline, mostly to get all of my ideas on the table and to make sure I have enough to really carry the story. But the final product looks much different than the outline. And once the outline is done, I rarely go back and edit. I just change things as I go. Once I start writing, if it’s a good story, it will just sort of flow for me.


What is the first book that made you cry?

The Outsiders. I had to read it for school, and I was up through the middle of the night because I couldn’t put it down (probably the first and last time that happened with an assigned reading book, hahaha). I literally wept over that book. It’s stayed with me ever since.


Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?

Oh, I much prefer being spanked. I tried switching once and I wasn’t a fan at all. I might be willing to switch with another woman, but I have a serious mental block about spanking a man. So for now…I’m 100% the spankee.


If money were no object, where would you live?

Somewhere in Europe, I think. Ireland or Scotland, maybe. I’ve always felt drawn to the mystery and the romance of both places. I’d love to live in an old castle somewhere in the middle of nowhere. With horses, so I could live out my fantasies of riding wildly across the rolling hills of somewhere green and beautiful. Not that I’ve ever actually ridden a horse. But I would learn if it meant I could fulfill that fantasy! On the other hand, after I saw Under the Tuscan Sun, I fell head over heels for Italy. So maybe I’d live in Ireland but keep a small villa in Tuscany for the summers.




Several long, tortuous minutes later, she had her answer. By the time he returned his attentions to her backside, she was trembling with need. The light sting of the crop against her bottom nearly made her knees buckle. Yes, more, yes, she begged silently. Again, with just the tip, he swatted her. She caught herself just before she moaned. Then again. And again. He continued, switching between swatting her with the crop and running it over her body, until she thought she would explode. Then, finally, “I want you naked. Keep the shoes. Then get back in position.”

She rushed to obey, trembling with need. Then she stood, naked and blindfolded.

“Remember, don’t move or make a noise.” Now his voice seemed to come from in front of her. What was he—Oh. He dipped a finger inside her, drawing out her arousal to circle her clit. He teased the sensitive bud, keeping her just at the edge but not pushing her over. Then he pressed and her world exploded. She screamed when she came, pleasure unlike anything she’d felt before erupting inside of her. When she finally came back to earth, she realized that she’d broken both of his rules as she was gripping his shoulders tightly. She trembled slightly, wondering how he was going to punish her disobedience.


About the Author

Nestled somewhere in the Southeastern United a States you can usually find Stella curled up on her couch with her tablet, a blanket (because even during a southern summer, she’s freezing) and a glass of wine. If she isn’t writing or tweaking her newest work, she’s glued to a book. Romance, suspense, thrillers, Stella loves a little bit of everything.

Other than reading, she spends her time listening to her husband play his guitar and throwing spontaneous dance parties with her two teenage daughters in the living room. When she can convince everyone else to venture outside, she loves hiking and swimming. Her husband is fairly certain she’s secretly a mermaid, as she’d live in the water if she could.

Stella has been writing spanking fiction off and on for years, but she’s just recently taken the plunge into writing full on novels. She is from the school of “write what you know”, and her husband is always willing (sometimes too willing!) to assist with any research she needs. Stella would love to hear from you at or on Facebook at com/author.stellamoore!