Discovering her boyfriend in a foursome she wasn’t invited to while on a photo shoot in Alaska is one thing, but having him call her a boring prude is enough to send devastated model, Summer Coleman, out into the cold, snowy, Alaskan wilderness wearing nothing beneath her coat but a skimpy negligee and G-string. She runs straight into a cage meant to trap wild animals.

She tries not to panic. The trappers will see their mistake and free her. Instead, they see an opportunity. A pet. Panic sets in. Just when she thinks it can’t get any more bizarre, a gorgeous, hunky, blue-eyed newcomer strolls by. Looking at her in awe, he decides she is the answer to a prayer. He and the trapper barter over her like she’s a prized trophy. He rescues her from one captor, only to put her into the hands of two others.

She’s the angel all three have been waiting for. The men don’t hesitate to make a party of three when it comes to disciplining her thoroughly anytime she deserves it, but their touch also ignites her submission and her heart.

Can this city girl live happily off-the-grid with her Alaskan men for the rest of her life and be their wife? Or will she run at the first chance she gets?

Publisher’s Note: If you are looking for a steamy ménage a trois, explicitly described scenes of domestic discipline with a bit of anal play thrown in for good measure, then this is the story for you!



“Push in slow. She’s nice and wet enough to take you,” Zach said.

Jacob hesitated. “She’s so fucking small. What if I hurt her?”

“You won’t, Jacob. We prepared her pussy well for you, she’s hot and feverish with arousal. Her body will stretch to take you.”

“Fuck, she’s pretty,” he murmured, running his knuckle down her center. Surely, he could see how she dripped wetness onto the pillow still under her.

“Push in, Jacob, nice and slow,” Zach said. “I agree, she’s small, her pussy is tighter than I ever had, but she’ll stretch for you—for us—when the time comes. She was made for us, remember. Every part of her we own. And owning her means fucking her wherever and whenever and however we like. She’ll take you, cousin.”

Their words had turned her into a hot mess. She whimpered like a small animal who couldn’t think and only saw what she needed and wanted to take.

“Look at her, she wants it. She wants it hard, Jacob. Take her now.” Ethan’s observations and instructions were not meant to disobeyed. They also took pity on her and fed her their cocks.

* Oh, heavens.*

Jacob gripped his cock and guided it to her lips again. He pushed in. She closed her eyes in pure bliss.

“Look at me,” Jacob said. “I need to see you.”

*Oh, Jacob,* she thought, and sighed. Zach and Ethan now took turns fondling her breasts and letting her take licks of their cocks.

With her gaze locked on Jacob, he pushed in a little more, then a little more and it felt like her first time. Only this time there wasn’t her pesky hymen to break and all she experienced was splendor. Of being a woman taken by a man with an extra-large cock. But that wasn’t all. Jacob was not complete without his cousins who were hung equally big. And she wasn’t complete without all of them. Not only their bodies but their hearts, too.