What gives these ladies a sense of security, safety, and the ability to be their best selves? The strong, assertive men they meet, who all have a very different way of expressing their adoration of the ladies they love. In this collection, meet the women who have all decided that this is the way they want to live their lives, even if sometimes, in the moment, it seems like the wrong choice.

In Her Choice, Always, Holly and Eric are happily married – until someone finds out about their unusual relationship and threatens to rip it apart.

In The City Girl, Candy meets Jeb Lyon, the owner of a dude ranch and her new boss. His ideas are old fashioned and she decides she might be, too.

Her Choice, Forever finds Holly and Eric rebuilding their marriage on the Lyon ranch, bringing Eric’s recently widowed sister Liz along. Liz comes to the ranch for a vacation, but might upend her entire life – and her son’s – for a hot cowboy.

Liz’s story continues in The Dilemma. Will Matt convince her that her choice is right, for all of them?

Finally, in His Firecracker, Rayne brings her temper, attitude, and secrets to the ranch and meets Cole, the long lost Lyon son. Can these two wanderers find a home in each other’s hearts?

Publisher’s Note: This collection of steamy contemporary romances contains elements of domestic discipline.

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