Enjoy these oldies but goodies from Amazon best selling author, Joannie Kay writing as Laurel Joseph. For your reading pleasure, we’ve put together three stories of feisty women in the old west and the men who love them. We’re certain you’ll love reading all about how these couples fall in love and work out their relationships with some old fashioned discipline!

The Naughty Schoolmarm: The new schoolteacher in Cartersville is hiding a big secret. She has run away from home, after her father and ten brothers tried to choose a husband for her. She knows it is only a matter of time before they find her, although they may not recognize their sister in a dress! Can she convince them that she means to stay in her new town and marry her handsome, single father, rancher? Tanner’s first wife was also a red-head and he knows just how to handle his naughty schoolteacher!

The Reluctant Bridesmaid: George Connally hires a detective to bring home his daughter, after she refuses to participate in her younger sister’s wedding. Sarah Jean has been driven from her home on the family ranch by her sister Susie’s constant efforts to torment her. She’s started a new life and is supporting herself without any help. She sees no reason to come home to suffer her sister’s manipulations, which their doting father doesn’t recognize. Former marshal turned detective, Daniel, has his hands full trying to walk the line, getting Sarah Jean home without resorting to kidnapping and then making sure she’s not subjected to sisterly abuse. Meanwhile, Susie’s fiancé, Cal has had his eyes opened about her expectations for their wedded life, and he needs to make sure she understands that he’s not going to be the biddable husband she assumes.

Upholding the Law: Mackenzie is shocked to discover a group of her neighbors about to hang a man on her ranch. She quickly puts a stop to the lynching, and has her ranch hands escort the men off her property, while she offers first aid to the badly beaten victim. She discovers hidden documents that show he is a marshal, undercover to investigate and put a stop to the rustling that has plagued the area. She takes him home in order to protect him from the vigilantes while he recovers from his injuries. JC was barely conscious when Mac’s shot severed the rope just in time to save his life, but even then, he thought she needed a trip over her man’s knee. What was the tiny woman thinking to take on a group of men intent on murder! Later, as he watches the young widow face down the leaders of the lynch gang and the crooked sheriff when they come to arrest him as a horse thief, JC starts to lose his heart to the spirited red-head. But he knows he’s going to have his hands full; Mackenzie intends to trail behind JC and keep him safe, as he finds the rustlers and puts a stop to their crimes. Will the marshal make it clear that his word is law when Mac is used to running her ranch?

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“Don’t tease me so, Rob!  I want you!”

“You do?  I never would have guessed that from the way you greeted me!” he teased her, then flipped her over and gave her rounded bottom a playful smack.  “I should spank this soundly!” He spanked her again.

Katie squealed.  “What for?  What did I do?”

“You complained because I was enjoying your body,” he said as sternly as possible.  “Now I am going to spank you!”  He knew that she understood he was playing.  She loved sexy spankings, and so did he.  Neither of them loved the other kind, and he was thankful they seldom happened.

“Oh, no, master!  I promise I will never again complain when you tease my body forever before pleasuring me!” Katie giggled, and he swatted her a bit harder. 

“Lie over my knee, wench,” he stated, falling into character.  “I am going to chastise you until you beg me to caress you without any promise of release!”  She immediately scrambled over his lap, wiggling her bare bottom enticingly.  Yes, his little Katie was waiting for this all day!  He rubbed her pretty bottom and then gave her a spank that was hard enough to earn a squeal of surprise.


“You were thinking naughty things all day, weren’t you, wife?” he demanded, grinning.

“Is that wrong?” She turned to look over her shoulder to see if he was seriously upset with her.

“Of course it’s wrong!” he teased, spanking her a bit more gently.  “Did you touch yourself?” he demanded, and Katie immediately caught on, nodding.

“I couldn’t help it, master!” she proclaimed.  “Don’t spank me too hard, please.  You know how wet I get when I think of your sweet, hard pecker sliding into me…!  Ohhhhh!”

This time it was a sexy moan when he spanked her, and Rob knew she was close to spending.  “You are not to lose control and pleasure yourself, young lady.  You are being punished.”  He felt her spasm over his knee, and he gave her one last caress before flipping her over on her back.  He dropped his clothing on the floor, and then knelt between her legs and loved his wife until they both cried out in pleasure.

About the Author

Laurel Joseph is a pen name for Joannie Kay. Laurel is the author who likes to write about anything that she hopes is funny. Her heroines are always feisty, and their men must be strong and darn smart to prevent all sorts of mayhem. Laurel writes westerns, and she just loves to put pants on a female when in those days it was considered quite improper!