Jackson always takes what he wants. He wants her but she’s off-limits.

There’s a secret her older brother, Martin has been keeping, but Rosie hasn’t dared to open that door and discover what it is…

That is until she lays eyes on the the mysterious and handsome Jackson. He’s her best friend Samantha’s ex-boyfriend. It would be against her better judgement to date him. Besides, Rosie doesn’t do relationships. She has always had trouble trusting men. But what if she allowed herself to open up, to feel, to experience what it was like to love again?

Jackson’s handsome, charming, and with a gorgeous body that she’d like to explore every inch of – if only her best friend wouldn’t hate her when she finds out.

Jackson’s business partner and owner of Western Daddies, Martin Taylor, has kept his younger sister, Rosie, far from the ranch. She’s off-limits to all members and she’s kept in the dark about their lifestyle.

With her trust issues mounting up, can Jackson introduce her to a world of exploration, protection, and love and show her what it’s like to be little and loved?

Publishers Note: While this book is a standalone, it is highly recommended that you read the first three books to fully enjoy every aspect of this steamy romance.

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“You lied to me,” Jackson whispered into Rosie’s ear. “You pretended not to know him.”

“It’s not a big deal,” Rosie said, trying to get out of his harsh gaze. Maybe it wasn’t ideal that they were brothers, but how was she supposed to have known that before sleeping with Jackson? Besides, she’d have done it all over again. She cared for Jackson, immensely, and Liam, it was over two years ago, over as fast as it started.

“I consider lying a big deal,” Jackson said. With ease, he lifted her from their position on the floor to the sofa. “Over my knee,” he commanded.

“What?” Her mouth grew dry. He wasn’t serious.

“You deserve a spanking. I don’t tolerate lying of any kind.”

“Right now? With everyone watching?” Her stomach ached and her hands trembled. “Can’t we do it upstairs?” She did not want everyone watching her get her bottom burned.

“Yes, right now. Over my knee. If I have to tell you again, it’ll double the allotment of spanks.”

She whimpered as she positioned herself over his lap. This was humiliating! “Daddy, I’m sorry.” Rosie remembered to call him by his preferred name, hoping to lessen the severity of the punishment. While outside, she may have wanted a few spanks, but those were fun, flirty, and playful. The tone of his voice told her he meant business. Did he really have to do this in front of both of their brothers?

His hand landed with a loud thud to her bottom, causing her buttocks to tighten and her hips to buck.

“Owwie!” Rosie squealed. She’d had one swat. That was enough. She tried to get up and escape his torment, but he held one arm around her waist, keeping her from escaping his punishment. “Daddy, no more!”

“Yes, more. Until you’ve learned your lesson. Your punishment isn’t over yet, young lady.” He landed another series of blows, one right after the other, paddling her bottom with his hand over the soft fuzzy material of her onesie.

He paused for a moment and she breathed a sigh of relief. Her butt burned but maybe it was over. His fingers fiddled softly over her rear and then she felt a cold breeze on her backside. Thankfully, she’d worn panties and hadn’t discarded those!

Jackson had found a way to unbutton a flap on the rear, revealing her panties for anyone to see. She hung her head, tears welling in her eyes.

“Please, no more.”

“You need to learn to respect your Daddy. I don’t tolerate lying. I know you’ve had a past—we all have—but lying about it is reckless and unwarranted. Do not ever lie to me again, little Rosie.” His hand came down again, this time against the thin material of her panties, barely shielding her from the pain.

She squealed as his palm walloped her bottom, swat after swat.

It was pure torture, the bite of his palm against her delicate skin. “Please, I’m sorry!” she wailed, her rear burning along with her eyes, as tears dribbled down to the floor.

“Why are you sorry?” Jackson asked.

“I don’t want any more spankings!”

“That’s not the answer I want to hear, little Rosie.” His hand pushed her panties between her bottom cheeks, giving her a bit of an uncomfortable wedgy as he smacked her bottom raw, leaving nothing to the imagination.