Can two losers at love win with each other?

Tabitha is a forty-something divorcee. Not tiny by any means, when she literally runs into Braedon Samuels at a party, she is embarrassed and also immediately drawn to him. But love hasn’t been good to Tabby, so why even try?

Braedon has had his own share of sorrows, both with the military and with love. He sees something he wants in Tabitha, though, and he means to make her his, no matter what it takes.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary military romance contains a theme of power exchange and sexual scenes.

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Brae was very aware of the fact that she was new to all of this, and what he gave her was a brisk punishment, consisting of about fifteen sharp spanks that didn’t allow her much time to consider what was happening, or to wait and dwell on the next swat. It was over in a matter of seconds, rather than long moments, or perhaps even hours, sometimes, once he’d determined exactly what she wanted, but more so, what she needed from him. He intended to learn how best to punish her in a way that would arouse both of them, yes, but would also give her what she needed beyond just the titillation of it.

Tabby was amazed by just how much it really did hurt. She wanted to reach down and rub the sting out of her butt so badly, but no matter how she tried to dislodge his fingers from around her wrists, she couldn’t even begin to budge them.

And her captor was thoroughly enjoying her attempts, too, not trying in the least to hide just how aroused she was making him.

She immediately became self-conscious, with him staring at her like that, even though she knew, intellectually, that it was caused by lust and she should be happy that she could inspire that in him.

He could see that she was becoming uptight, and Braeden immediately freed her hands and pulled her to him, holding her very tightly against him—captive again, but in a much different way.

“You’re safe,” he soothed.