She may be the queen, but in the bedroom, he is her king.

Kathryn, the new, young Queen of England was promised to a Scottish duke when she was but four-years-old. He was a young man of sixteen at the time but has followed her life for all these years to see if he can give up everything to be her Consort.

Disguising his identity at a masquerade ball, he speaks with her and gives her a kiss. Later, when she is to meet her betrothed, Kathryn is shocked to see he is the man who was so bold with her at the ball a few years earlier. She has never forgotten him or the kiss.

Bram has never forgotten her, either, and now, he must decide if he will marry her, that is if she will have him for a husband. Can they heal the rift between Scotland and England with a union, as her parents intended when they arranged the marriage all those years ago? Kathryn wants to marry for love…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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“That’s better, my love,” he complimented. “Halfway through now.”

“Only halfway?” she screamed as he applied it again—not full force, of course. He had very quickly learned how to temper his strength to her needs. Bram had absolutely no desire to permanently injure her by any means. He would never do anything that might put her lovely self and that delightful playground of hers—that he never seemed to get enough of—off limits. “Six!” she yelled, knowing that, in this kind of situation—or other, much more pleasant ones—she could get away with it.

The strapping wasn’t for having done anything wrong, but rather because they had both been extremely busy of late and Bram had noticed he wasn’t able to see to her discipline as often as he knew she needed it—although he also knew that she would argue that point until he told her she must stop. But it was the truth, whether or not she wanted to admit it. And, besides the fact that there was a war going on, which seemed to be a perpetual state for the country, which he knew caused her a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights, there was another matter he knew she was even more concerned about than that.

She hadn’t gotten pregnant yet.