He’s on the run from the law. She’s running too.

He’s a Daddy at heart, a natural Dom, protective and possessive. While working as a bartender out west, he meets trouble and she’s gorgeous: Autumn Lane.

Autumn’s traveling across the country to meet her long lost sister, Lexa. Stopping at a small town bar for a drink, she can’t deny the intense attraction and desire to the cowboy bartender. He’s hotter than any man she could ever dream up. Controlling her impulses is out of the question.

He’s the perfect gentleman, even with a dark past and sinister childhood. Hunter would never take advantage of a woman, even if she threw herself at him. And that’s exactly what Autumn does. One simple touch. One simple caress. A single kiss. And before you know it, all bets are off.

Publishers Note: This is the third book in the sizzling hot Western Daddy Doms series. Each book features a different Daddy, with a guaranteed HEA and no cliff-hanger ending! While this book is a standalone, it is highly recommended that you first read from the beginning of the series to fully enjoy every aspect of this steamy romance.

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He lifted the hem of her ever-so-short dress, revealing a bright red thong. He smiled at the cherry red color and landed his hand on her bottom, giving her a firm reminder of what happened to women who disobeyed the law.

“Taking matters into my own hands,” Hunter said. “Would you rather I call the police, let them frisk you, and then arrest you?” he asked, his hands trailing down her hips and over her thighs, not quite touching anywhere too intimate and yet teasing her at the same time. His touch lingered a little too long as he worked his hands back up toward her round, luscious bottom. Hunter brought his palm back and landed it squarely over her cheeks, making sure to leave a mark. He wanted her to have trouble sitting tomorrow and make her think about what she had done.

“Quit spanking me!” Autumn shouted. “I’m not a child.”

No, she certainly was not, but she acted like one. Hunter glanced up, noticing an audience of three—Jackson, Asher, and Lexa all watched from the front porch. He hadn’t intended to give them a show, but that didn’t seem to matter anymore. He didn’t give a shit who saw what he did; her actions required discipline, and no one else was going to do what needed to be done.

“Not until you’ve learned your lesson and apologize.” It was the least she could do, considering the trouble she’d put him through.

He continued to pepper her bottom with his palm. His hand stung just a bit with each forceful smack to her rear. What had brought about this desire to spank Autumn? He’d never spanked a girl in his life. Sure, he’d slept with quite a few ladies he’d met at the bar, but kink hadn’t been in most of their vocabularies. They were as vanilla as they came.

“For what?” Autumn shrieked and tried to shimmy away, but Hunter wouldn’t let her get up or escape. One hand kept her lower back positioned against the seat, pressing her down against the leather material, while the other spanked her, over and over, landing a blow on one cheek and then the other. Her bottom was red and splotchy, and he hoped she wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.

“You deceived me. Did you pretend to act drunk, so I’d let you crash at my place and then steal from me? Was that your plan all along?” He didn’t take kindly to liars.

“No! I swear. It wasn’t on purpose, Hunter. It just happened.” She winced with each smack and finally, his hand stalled, pleased with her honesty. He wanted to reward that honesty, to touch her elsewhere, where he imagined she was wet and hungry for him. He stopped himself from giving in to temptation. That would solve only his desire and need for fulfillment and not the bigger picture.

“You mean to tell me you’ve never done this before? Stolen from someone? Slept over and robbed them the next morning?” Hunter asked. His hand caressed her bottom, over the darkening red of her cheeks.

“Ouch,” she moaned between clenched teeth as his hand rubbed her reddened rear and grabbed her cheek, giving it another swat. “Once, many years ago, but I learned my lesson. I-I promise I won’t ever do it again,” Autumn stammered. “I’m sorry.” Tears welled in her eyes. “I’ll pay you back. I swear. As soon as I have the money.”