Alicia Brighton works as an assistant to her private investigator husband, Donovan. Bright and eager to learn, Alicia just cannot resist the temptation to test the strict limits her husband has imposed on her – for her safety – when it comes to investigative duties. He has even disciplined her to drive home his point.

Donovan believes Alicia must have certainly learned her lesson after disobeying his directives and ending up being abducted by drug dealers nineteen months ago. Certainly, she would not want to face another bottom warming like the one she received after that escapade. Shouldn’t the promise of such a discipline session be sufficient to make her heed his warnings?

Unfortunately for Alicia, her impulsiveness has led her to danger once again. Will Donovan be able to save her?  Will Alicia finally learn to follow his safety directives?

Note: Her Private Investigator: The Apprentice, Book Two involves the same characters as the story His Assistant: The Apprentice, Book One. It is written as a stand-alone tale that can be read and enjoyed by itself. This book contains elements of domestic discipline and adult themes.

His Assistant by Lynn Forest

The Apprentice Book One

Alicia Langford has just finished schooling to be a paralegal. Twenty-two and still living at home, she is finally free to pursue a social life, but she wants to stay in her Ohio home town, and job prospects are few and far between.

Through a chance encounter, she meets private investigator Donovan Brighton. Donovan needs an assistant, someone with some understanding of the law and the court system, so he extends a job offer to Alicia. However, it is quickly apparent to her that this handsome man in his forties demands things be done his way.

Donovan is immediately impressed with Alicia’s work – if not her attitude – and asks her to consider becoming his apprentice. But Alicia soon takes a needless risk with her safety, and discovers what his brand of discipline really feels like. And when another careless move results in her having to be rescued from kidnappers, she finds that Donovan knows just how to firmly address her second offense.

This book was previously published under Carl Hamlin titled The Apprentice.