Pursued by two men… Who will claim her…

In 1914, war in Europe feels far away to most of the people in Fleta Jaeger’s social circle—but not to Fleta, whose beloved cousin is studying in England. Fleta attempts to disguise her fear with too much gaiety and drink, but her friends and family begin to worry about her.

Julian Prebensen, Fleta’s father’s favorite employee sees she’s vulnerable and embarks on a scheme to win her for himself—and if her father’s successful shipping company comes with her, all the better. Fleta resists, and her resistance results in her living as a virtual prisoner in her parents’ lavish home.

Grantham Northrup, who has known Fleta since childhood and loved her for years, realizes he must take action to save the woman he loves from a dubious fate. But when Fleta flees with her mother’s jewels, and no one knows where she’s gone, it’s a race between Julian and Grantham to see who will find her first.

This is book two in Lakeside Lovers series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of suspense, sensual themes, danger, adult themes, possible triggers and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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She slid off the davenport, onto her knees, and looked up with a wide smile. “If you’re going to teach me the difference between right and wrong,” Fleta purred, resting the tip of her index finger on her lower lip. “Then why don’t you start with my smart mouth?” Her body thrummed with the wild and overpowering sensation of being very, very bad. I’ll show you a minx, Mr. Northrup!

Brow knit and breath heavy, Grantham asked, “Are you sure?”

Fleta nodded eagerly. This was the secret subject of Fleta’s most private fantasies. How many times had she passed a restless night tossing and turning in her bed with frustration, craving the feel of utter submission to a powerful, insatiable masculine figure even to the point of degradation, and humiliation.

All those years dreaming of a faceless, implacable man forcing his cock into her mouth and remorselessly using her throat for his pleasure—and it was only now, on her knees in his sitting room, that Fleta realized her phantom lover was Grantham all along.