She’s independent to a fault. He’s dominant and stern. Perfect match, right?

Andie Malone’s life has never been easy, shuffled from foster home to foster home. She follows her best friend, the sister she never had, to a new town and a new life for herself as a single mother. Her joy and sense of security are shattered when her best friend, Candice and her husband, Caleb are murdered. Not only does Andie have to deal with the tremendous loss, but she is named guardian of her friend’s child.

Eli Cameron is a rancher and owns a large spread with his brother, Caleb. When he gets the tragic news, his first concern is for his niece. He’s more than upset when guardianship is given to Candice’s friend instead of to his family and he makes his feelings known. After he spends some time with his niece and Andie, however, he discovers what a wonderful mother she is to both girls. He also discovers Andie takes care of everyone but herself. He means to change that even if it requires a trip over his knee.

The more time Eli and Andie spend together changes their relationship from barely friendly to romantic. The journey isn’t easy amid the grief of loss, the unsolved murders and danger, Andie’s independent spirit, and Eli’s no-nonsense, take charge attitude. But the journey is worth taking.

Publisher’s Note: This enemies to lovers contemporary romance contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, sensual scenes, adult themes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“I believe you,” she mumbled and pressed her lips against his. She moaned from the pleasure of their lips nibbling each other’s. “Eli, please,” she whispered against his lips.

She rubbed against him making him groan. He pulled her harder against his arousal as he turned and pressed her up against the wall. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I want this, I’m sure. I believe you. Please, Eli, I want you. I want it all,” she gasped out as she dug her hands into his hair again.

He caught her hands and pressed them up against the wall too and shoved his pants down. She bit her lip as she leaned her head back against the wall, closing her eyes, he was making everything disappear. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Taking everything away that was bad. She felt his member brush against her burning center and then he entered her waiting opening.

She arched her back as he plunged into her, making her scream in pleasure. He leaned down and caught her quivering rose-tipped nipples, swirling his tongue around each in turn. His other hand sneaked between them and he began to twirl two fingers around her sensitive button making her climb even higher up the mountain of pleasure. She felt everything start to come undone around her quickly as her breath became more ragged when he moved back to her neck.

She screamed even more at the feel of the blinding, pulsing, moment of release coming so close. She tried to pull her hands from the one holding hers above her head as she jerked into his fingers increasing the pressure. She felt the clench deep inside her and convulsed into a chain of spasms, crying out his name.

Which followed his own cry of her name as he was brought with her into his own spasms, spilling into her as he let out a harsh breath of satisfaction. He leaned his forehead against hers as they quivered against each other, their breath quick and shallow. He slowly pulled back from her but didn’t put her down or pull her off of him. His eyes were so dark with desire, as if the last two times hadn’t been enough. And she knew exactly how he felt.