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We come to it at last, the final book in the Dungeon Fantasy Club Series. This has been such an incredible journey, and I want to thank each of my readers for your ardent support. Her Wired Dom is about love and acceptance, allowing yourself to be true to who you are in your heart. I hope you will love Will and Katarina as much as I do.
Now, many of you having been asking (begging) for Jared’s story. I’m here to tell you, I had his planned all along. His story will start an entirely new seven book spin-off series from the Dungeon Fantasy Club. J Coming Spring 2017 – Master & Commander, Book One in the Dungeon Fantasy Club Pleasure Island Series. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you blush. I will let you know as soon as it is available for pre-order!
Look below for a preview of Master and Commander!
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Her Wired Dom by Anya Summers

Will Evans is the CEO of a new virtual gaming company that is changing the tech world. He’s an avid gamer and a complete nerd, spending more time playing the latest hot game than doing anything else. He’s also a closet Dominant. As confident as he is in the boardroom, he’s been unwilling to unleash his primitive alpha side on a woman, afraid that his six foot six frame and muscle man strength could do irreparable damage to his partner. But then he meets the world famous ballerina Katarina Roberts at his best friend’s wedding. Her diminutive, slender form and willowy grace bring out an uncontrollable urge in Will to both master and protect her – but a dark secret from his past makes him reluctant to give in to that urge.
For her part, Katarina has achieved greatness through the strictest self-control and discipline. She has never allowed a man to rule her or her life in any way. As a submissive, she has had lovers in the BDSM lifestyle, but never found one she wanted to keep or was willing to submit her heart to. She preferred it that way, as it left her free to pursue her career as a prima ballerina. Now, after years of touring, wowing crowds around the world, she is ready for some heavy duty rest and relaxation.
When Kat attends her oldest friend’s wedding in Scotland on New Year’s Eve and meets Will, who is her every fantasy brought to life, she feels as though she has finally met a man worthy of submitting herself to body and soul. Can she convince Will to be the Dom of her dreams, even disciplining her when she’s been an insubordinate little submissive, or will he treat her like precious glass and walk away?
Publisher’s Note: Her Wired Dom is the eighth book in the bestselling Dungeon Fantasy Club series and, like the others, can be read as a standalone. It contains explicit sexual scenes and BDSM themes, including whipping.
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As a special holiday treat, here is a sneak peek of Master & Commander:
He stared at Zoey snuggled up against Declan as he entered the library. His heart was breaking, shattering into a million tiny pieces. It was hard to even breathe. He knew the decision he had made was for the best for all concerned parties, but he also understood the hole it was going to create-for all of them.
“Thanks for meeting me. I know you must be tired from your travels.” He couldn’t even voice the word honeymoon. It sliced at his heart.
“What did you want to discuss?” Declan asked with a raised eyebrow, his face a calm mask of sublime satisfaction.
Had he ever felt that complete? His heart beat rapidly in his chest. “I’ve decided to leave.”
“Are you taking a trip somewhere?” Zoey asked, cocking her head to one side, her confusion evident.
He shook his head, his gut clenched at the forthcoming pain. “No, lass. I’m leaving Scotland. I need to, it’s self-preservation. I already proposed this to the other members, and they approve. I’m going to open a DFC on a private island off Nassau.”
“What? Why? I don’t understand. I thought we were all happy,” Zoey cried, trembling in her husband’s arms.
And this was what he had been dreading, looking at the woman he’d fallen for, with tears in her gorgeous eyes and no full understanding of why he must leave her. As much as he wished things were different, you couldn’t make someone feel something they didn’t. Zoey had never once gazed at him the way she did Declan. Theirs was a bond and a love he couldn’t ever hope to compete with-not that he even would, as it would ruin his friendship with Declan and everything he’d built over the last decade.
God, he loved her. And he knew she cared for him, maybe even loved him, but he would always be second fiddle to Declan and his heart couldn’t take it.
He inhaled a deep breath before continuing, feeling the tinge of moisture in his eyes. “Lass, it’s for the best. You and Declan are man and wife now.”
“But that doesn’t mean-“
He cut her off standing. “I won’t sleep with another’s wife. And I need this.”
He had to leave now, before her sobs changed his mind. Zoey’s tears were ripping him to shreds. And then his best friend finally intervened.
“If that’s what you want, and if the other members approve to use the island we purchased, then I’m in agreement. I will miss having you around, though,” Declan murmured with understanding in his gaze. He knew that Jared loved his wife.
Zoey’s tears were falling fast and furious as she shook her head. “I don’t understand why you want to go away. I thought we were happy. I thought-“
His heart in his chest, he said, “I love you, lass. And as much as it pains me, I need to go.”
“We both love you, you don’t have to leave.”
He knelt in front of her and gripped her hands, staring into her hazel depths, now turned bright green with the storm of her emotions. He pleaded with her. “Please don’t make this harder than it is. I know you love me, but not the way you love Declan. It’s nothing for you to be upset about or apologize for, but I need to leave so I can fall out of love with you. Lass, I need you to let me move on, and I cannot do it from here.”
With the gentlest care, he pressed a kiss to her forehead and stood. He shook¬†Declan’s outstretched hand, a wealth of emotion in his gaze. This man was his brother and best friend, and always would be. With a last caress of Zoey’s cheek, he said, “Goodbye, lass. Be happy.”
And then Jared turned away, feeling wetness trickle down his cheeks as he exited the library and the manor. He took one last look at his home and homeland. One day, he would return-one day, when it no longer felt like there was a knife being plunged through his heart. One day, when he no longer loved Zoey.
Available early 2017!
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