Lena Lewis is the most sought after young lady in several counties. Her beauty and her father’s fortune make her a very appealing marriage prospect, but she hasn’t been able to attract the one man she really wants, Ian McKenzie. While she doesn’t love Ian, she definitely wants him, and she’s determined to have him as her husband.

Ian McKenzie has secretly lusted after Lena since they were teenagers, but he doesn’t want a spoiled and bratty woman as his wife. He vows to forget about her and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. But after years apart, he still hasn’t overcome his obsession with her. When her foolish behavior lands her in a heap of trouble, he proposes marriage to salvage her reputation, but his help comes at a price. As her husband, he will not tolerate her bratty behavior, and she soon learns he means business when he punishes her appropriately.

It doesn’t take long for Lena to realize that she wants more from her marriage. By dominating her body, Ian has captured her heart. But with him so focused on his work, can a marriage based on lust ever turn into something more?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains a theme of power exchange.


Ian never paused as he continued to blister her bottom. He showed not one ounce of mercy, spreading his swats over every inch of her beautiful fleshy bottom. “I’ll stop once I’m satisfied that you will never place yourself in danger again, my naughty little minx. Don’t think that you can manipulate me or get out of your punishment by flashing your pussy and fluttering your eyelashes at me. I’m not some weak-minded fool to be charmed by your pleading pout, sexy though it may be.”

“I’m not trying to manipulate you, Ian. I swear I would never do that. I was just agreeing with you. Ouch! Oh, please stop smacking me!”

Ian’s dark chuckle made her shiver with dread. “You don’t fool me for a second, Lena. And since you’re trying to lie and deceive me, you’ve just earned yourself an even harder spanking.”

Lena kicked her feet and screeched her displeasure. Little did she know that it made her bottom jiggle even more enticingly. Ian paused to watch before resuming the spanking with even harsher swats. He grinned as every smack made her buttocks bounce delightfully. He wasn’t in any hurry to end the spanking as he continued to lecture her sternly.

“You should never have agreed to attend the barn raising with Tommy Jenkins. Anyone with half a brain would know that he is not trustworthy and not a suitable escort.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry! I’ll never do anything like that again. I promise. Please, please, enough!”

If anything, the strength of the smacks only increased, and she sobbed and squealed as he continued his tirade. “You should have made arrangements to have someone bring you home safely,” Ian admonished, raining even harsher blows down on her already beleaguered bottom.

“Yes, yes, you’re right. I’m sorry, Sir. Please, stop!”

Ian loved hearing her call him Sir. He grinned and spanked her with renewed vigor. “Of course, I’m right, little girl. Now, be still and take your punishment.”

Lena squeezed her eyes tightly shut and buried her face in the cushion again. She could feel a steady trickle of fluid seeping from between her thighs, and she hoped desperately that Ian wouldn’t notice. She was mortified by her body’s response to the spanking.

What kind of sick pervert was she that she could be sexually excited by being spanked? Still, there was no denying that she was incredibly aroused. Her nipples had drawn into painfully erect peaks, and that strange little nub of flesh between her thighs was throbbing more than ever. With each smack, that sensitive nub jolted against Ian’s trousers, and she struggled to bite back her moans of pleasure. Her cheeks burned nearly as much as her bottom, and she sobbed with embarrassment. If he didn’t stop spanking her soon, she was worried she would completely humiliate herself by begging him to make love to her.

“Please, Sir. I’ve learned my lesson. Please, please stop!”

Instead of stopping, Ian tipped her further forward so he could access the most sensitive area, where her bottom and thighs met. The new position gave him an even better view of her gorgeous pussy, and he grinned as he appreciated the sights. He clucked his tongue in mock disapproval.

“My goodness, my naughty little minx. Your pussy is absolutely drenched.”

Lena gave a mortified moan with her face hidden in the cushions. However, she did nothing to discourage his explorations. He ran his fingers around her opening several times before pushing them inside her again. He strummed her clit with his thumb, smiling at her breathy moans. The sight of her muscles clenching around his invading fingers made his dick ache something fierce. Still, he ignored it and spent several lengthy moments taunting both her and himself.

“What a naughty girl you are. I can see that I’ll have to work even harder to get my point across.”

With that, he withdrew his fingers and resumed the spanking. He began blistering that vulnerable crease and her tender upper thighs with fresh enthusiasm.

While Lena had thought that the pain was terrible before, it suddenly seemed minor compared to the excruciating agony she felt. There wasn’t much padding on her upper thighs and the crease beneath her buttocks to absorb the impact of his punishing hand. He showed no signs of stopping, and she didn’t know how much more she could take.

She wailed in despair, helpless to protect her poor, throbbing backside from his relentless punishment. Her tears ran in a steady stream and dripped onto the cushion, and her nose was running just as freely. She finally surrendered and hung limply over his knee, resigned to accept whatever he chose to dish out.