The members of The Rakes of Mayfair Club have a problem: someone is blackmailing their single, female members. To help find the blackmailer, Club co-founder Lord Buxton turns to Alice Hamilton, widow of a famous London problem solver.
Alice agrees to help Lord Buxton find the person who is causing him trouble. In return, she wants his help with a small problem of her own: she wants Buxton to bed her and hide the fact that her husband never did.
Alice sees the transaction as a simple business deal. But when The Rakes are involved, nothing is as simple as it seems. And Alice is about to become the newest member of The Club.

This is the third title in The Rakes of Mayfair series. Come join the adventure as we meet the men of The Club. This book can be read as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains elements of mystery, danger, sensual scenes and the discipline of adult women. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.



Alice tried to stand but Julian’s hands held her firmly in place. 

“You had me come up here to get ready. Or at least I thought that’s what I was doing.” Shame burned in her cheeks. How could she have done this? Was she so desperate to lose her maidenhead that she had thrown herself at the first available man? Now, that man was going back on his word. She sat naked on his lap and he mocked her. 

Buxton pulled her closer, his lips mere inches away from hers. “I do intend to abide by our bargain, Alice. But if you remember, the bargain was that when my tormentor is identified then your problem will be gone. The blackmailer is not yet identified therefore payment can’t be made. Yet. But we can make a small payment, so to speak.” 

Alice started to struggle against his hold. “Let me go. You are going back on our deal. I thought you were an honorable man.” 

Julian tightened his grip on her waist. His cock hardened against her bottom, and his grin seemed even wickeder than it had before. “I want to play with you, Alice, to take my time, to make you enjoy it as much as I will.” 

“But I want—” She stopped speaking when he put his finger against her lips, 

“I understand what you want, Alice,” he said. “But you have no experience in these matters, and I do. Let me lead you. Follow my commands. Let me show you how incredible things can be.” 

“But you won’t…” she stopped speaking and swallowed hard. “You won’t take my maidenhead.” 

“In my own time, I will,” he said. “I will give you such pleasure tonight, pleasure that will make you soar and beg for more, even though you have been a very naughty girl tonight. Tantrums are not acceptable behavior. Neither is questioning my actions. I am in charge, Alice.” 

“You should have given me these terms when you agreed to my offer.” Despite her words, Alice felt a sense of excitement, mixed with a sense of fear. She’d never taken a submissive position with a man, even with her husband. 

“If we are not going to have intercourse I want to know exactly what will happen before I agree to your terms.” Alice stared down at him. In response to her words he chuckled. Then he pulled her closer and pulled her nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard as she gasped and arched into him. 

He pulled the hard nub between his teeth and flicked his tongue over it repeatedly. Heat and desire built inside her, pushing away any thought she’d had about trying to get dressed and leave the house as quickly as possible.