Love is complicated. Sometimes a lady needs discipline.

She’s a servant. He’s a duke. Her heart has belonged to him since childhood, but he’s to wed another. Will he call off his arranged marriage to be with a girl that works in his household?

Three feisty young ladies in this collection offive spicy historical tales from Isabella Kole’s collection.

The Highlander’s Curse

Amanda Brown has just inherited a castle in Scotland. What she doesn’t know is that a centuries old Highlander comes with it.

Ian Galloway has been cursed, and now it’s time for him to roam the countryside once again to find his true love. But will the duke find a woman who is willing to go back in time with him, to change the course of history?

The Marshal and the Heiress

Marshal Luke Prescott has searched for his young bride’s murderer for five long years to no avail. When feisty heiress, Clarissa Birmingham, breezes into his town, he finds himself drawn to her, exasperating as she may be.

Headstrong and impetuous, the young beauty quickly learns she will heed Luke’s warnings, or she will pay the price. 

Remington’s Rules

Emily Crawley and her parents have been in service to the Duke of Remington and his family for years, and now that Emily is of age, she has joined the staff as well. 

But when the Marquess of Remington, the duke’s eldest son, Charles, returns after his years at school, Emily realizes her heart has always belonged to the handsome Lord. Alas, he is to be wed to the rude and condescending Lady Caroline, a marriage that was arranged years ago.  Unless, Emily can change his mind that is!

Emily’s Emergence

Emily has just married the man of her dreams, the handsome Marquess of Remington. As she settles into her new role with the man she has loved since childhood, she finds that there are some new adjustments and rules.

But war has been declared and Charles must do his duty to his country, leaving Emily behind to run the estate and care for his parents. Is she up to the task?

Duchess’ Desire

Emily and Charles have been reunited after the war and all is well again at Remington House. Well, all but one thing. Emily hasn’t been able to give Charles the ultimate gift, a child.

Suddenly thrust into the role of duchess after the death of her father-in-law, it seems that dream must wait yet again as she and her husband find their way. Their love story continues as the former servant girl-turned duchess amazes everyone with her grace and charm. She has everything she ever wanted, or does she?

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“Now, now…there’s that cheeky attitude that gets ye into trouble. I have told ye to be nice when speaking to or about Lady Caroline, have I not?”

“Yes, ye have, but she is not a very nice person.”

“I do believe my little Emily needs a gentle reminder,” he said as he grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him. He sat down and abruptly flung her over his lap.

“W-what are ye doing?”

“I am doing what needs to be done,” he replied.

She felt the skirt of her gown being lifted above her bottom. When his hands gently tugged at her bloomers, she protested. “No, ye cannot! ‘Tis not proper!”

“I will not tell anyone,” he replied with a chuckle.


“Hush now, sweet Emily. Ye would not want anyone to hear ye.”

He was right. She did not want anyone to hear what was going on in his bedchamber. When would she learn to obey one of the few rules he had set down and keep her mouth shut about the atrocious Lady Caroline?

His hand gently circled her bare bottom. Her cheeks were as red as her bottom was about to become, she was sure. His touch excited her in ways she had never imagined. All too soon, though, the crack of his hand came down hard on her exposed flesh, making her cry out.

“Hush!” he said as she buried her face in the bedclothes to muffle the sound. “That’s better,” he said as his hand smacked her again.

“Charles, please…”

“Mmm, please what?” he asked as his hand made contact again, sending a loud smacking sound throughout the room.

Her bottom was already on fire, yet he showed no signs of stopping. She could only hope the hard smacks of his hand meeting her bare behind could not be heard beyond the thick door of his chamber.

And he continued, swatting her poor bottom several more times as she fought to suppress a cry.

Surprisingly, even though it hurt, and all she wanted to do was to rub her sore bottom, Emily soon discovered another sensation, one she was not familiar with and one that was not entirely displeasing. There was a fire building, not only on her bottom, but inside her body as well. It seemed to spread like wildfire through her limbs. She felt a shocking wetness between her thighs and was immediately embarrassed as she did not understand the implications.

Charles, however, knew, she discovered. He stopped spanking her and ran a finger over the wetness, mortifying her even more.