Jayne is running away with her toddler from an abusive marriage. Finding refuge on a Wyoming ranch with her best friend and her friend’s brother, is the safe haven she needs right now as she begins to put her life back together.

But the brother, Pace, proves to be another issue. Drawn to him, Jayne has to fight her growing feelings for him, especially now that he’s admitted his for her, not to mention her young son adores the big man.

Will Pace be able to mend her broken heart? Will she let him get close enough to repair the damage that has been done?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet western romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Jayne may have been quiet over his lap before the spanking started, but she wasn’t when the smacks began to fall. Each of them elicited what was, at first, a muted, almost grunt, and Pace had to wonder if Jake had dissuaded her from crying out when she was hurt. It sounded like something the useless bastard would do.

As he chided her, he mentioned, “You’re so quiet, Jayne. You’re going to make me think that I’m not spanking you anywhere near hard enough if you can endure it without barely a sound.”

She gave a soft—experimental—squeal on the very next slap and was never as quiet as she had been for the rest of the punishment.

Her bottom was damned near perfect, and he could have gone on spanking it forever, but Pace forced himself to stick to his plan, giving her a short, somewhat sharp spanking that, hopefully, got his point across without terrifying her.

When he’d finished, he went to help her up, intending to hold her in his arms as he was a very firm believer in the need—and he always had an intense desire to provide—aftercare. It was very nearly as important to him as the spanking itself.

But once she felt she could get away from him, Jayne was gone. Pace rose, as if he’d go after her, but his cooler side prevailed—just barely. He didn’t think his authority extended to being able to keep her there after the chastisement was over, but he had to physically clamp his hands down on the back of the chair to prevent himself from running after her, so deep was his desire to comfort her after her first spanking.