Desire draws her closer to him with the seduction of his control. Proclaimed the Celtic princess at birth, Fianna was born with all the knowledge of the stars and the moon. Able to read the night sky as a map, she can also discern the stars’ meaning and, with them, the future. So, when she is asked to help navigate a secret mission to the new world, she leaves her beloved Scotland for the first time. Only, the journey proves to be perilous, and Fia is teamed up with a Knight Templar whose life is governed by rules and strict obedience. From the beginning, he demands her submission.

James Davidson has one chance to prove himself to the secret society, The Ring of Priests, and it requires him retrieving a hidden artifact. Things become complicated when the princess, who is under his protection, is abducted and he must face the secrets of his past to find the real treasure.

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed romance contains a theme of power exchange.

“You’re an ungrateful girl,” he said, turning her over his lap in one move.

“Let go of me,” she shrieked, trying to kick him, but he locked her legs between one of his powerful thighs and pressed his arm into her lower back. “What are you doing?” 

“I’m going to teach you a lesson. That’s what I’m doing.” Lifting the edge of his coat, his hand came down on her bare bottom. She gasped from the shock. He continued to spank her until her lily-white skin turned a brilliant red. Her face rested on his leg, and he could see the tears building behind her eyes, though left unshed, as she clung to him. He sat her up, drawing her close into his body. He needed the comfort as much as she did. He held his hand out before him, the slight tremor in it disconcerting. Making a fist, he pushed the past from his mind. Now was not the time for it to resurface. “Hush,” he whispered in her ear. “You’re all right.”

She looked up at him. Her eyes were wide and glaring, her full lips narrow and tight. “You bloody fool, I’m not crying because of you, but I swear on Morrighan, the goddess of death, I will kill you.”

“Both of you lower your voices,” a voice called out from the forest. They stilled as a man with waist-length black hair and bronzed skin walked toward them. “I don’t care who kills who, but I don’t need you waking the dead with all your screaming.”