Operating in secret behind the backs of the oldest mafia families, a new threat is uncovered that endangers everyone’s lives. As Dean DeLuca unravels the mystery, will he be able to save his new princess?

As the heir to the Deluca empire, I should be focused on the mafia business still left in Philadelphia. Instead, from the moment I met her, there has been no room in my thoughts for anything but Maggie. Princess of the Falcone family, she is too innocent for the life I lead, a light in the darkness that draws a man in.
She should be safe, cherished, protected, but her family’s enemies don’t respect the sacred treasure that she is. I don’t care what I have to do or who I have to destroy, I will keep her safe.

Publisher Note: This steamy mafia romance contains some graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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After waiting a few minutes, he called her back. “Margaret Falcone, please come back and drape yourself over the bench.” As Maggie turned away from the corner she’d been standing in, Dean spotted the turmoil in her beautiful almond eyes before she shuttered them from him.

She shuffled toward him and looked up with begging eyes.

“Over the bench, stretch out your arms and grip the end, and stay in place.”

Sighing, Maggie did as he asked, and as Dean stood waiting, she positioned herself just as he’d asked.

When he brought the paddle down on her backside for the first stroke, she let out a screech, like a banshee, and Dean smiled, glad she couldn’t see his face. He gave her a moment to process the intensity of the sting. Then he brought the paddle down on her other cheek, and again, she squealed while he reveled at the livid red mark on her backside.

The next one covered both cheeks and had the desired effect, with Maggie sobbing but staying in place. Dean delivered the next five in quick succession, saving the last two for her tender sit spot. When he gave the first of the two, Maggie kicked her legs and wiggled in an apparent attempt to rid herself of the sting.

He delivered the last, then examining his artwork, Dean knew that all evidence of her spanking would be gone by the morning. The spanking had been intended to set the stage for tonight and their relationship in general. He wanted her to know what would happen if she mistreated him, and now that he had, he wanted to let her know what she would get when she obeyed him.

Dean sat down, pulling Maggie’s hips onto his lap. He ran a finger down her entrance and found she was soaking. She had hated her punishment, but it had also excited her.